Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall is for knitting

Fall is here for good and I've really been enjoying it. I've been baking and cooking and of course knitting. For the past few weeks, I've been feeling really great (yay for the 2nd trimester!) and I have a lot more energy. In fact, if I didn't feel the little one move all the time, I could probably forget that I'm even pregnant.

I got my 20 weeks ultrasound last Tuesday and we found out we're having a baby BOY!!! I could not believe it, I really had a gut feeling that I was having a girl. I'm soooo happy though, I just love little boys. And I'm already in love with mine!

My knitting mojo is back, too, which is great. I don't have any FOs yet, but I've been knitting. I'm even working on my Icarus shawl, still. There are a dozen rows left to knit and I think I may run out of yarn, which is scary. But we'll see when we get there.

I'm still working on my baby blanket. I'm enjoying working with Knit Picks Comfy, but it's a very boring knit. Good for TV watching though.


Also, I took a finishing class a few weeks ago and I started a baby vest so I'd have something to work on in the last class. Unfortunately, I got sick (with a very bad cold) so I stayed home that night and the vest is still unfinished. I need to work on it while the class is still fresh in my memory.


I needed a really quick project and I gotta say I didn't really care about the end result so I didn't even check gauge. Hopefully it'll fit baby at some point. I also used non superwash yarn (Knit Picks Wool of the Andes) so we'll see how I feel about washing it by hand when the time comes. Oh and the pattern is This End Up.