Sunday, September 30, 2007

Flash your stash for some cash!

^^ Ok so there's no cash involved in my stash flashing, but wouldn't that make a great TV show? I know I'd watch!

My Secret Pal 11 hostess, Robyn is holding a little contest and to participate, I have to flash my stash. So here it goes. I'll let you know first that my modest stash isn't going to make anyone jealous. But I'm happy with what I have (and don't even know what to do with it all).

So here's my knitting closet:

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That's where I store my yarn (in the baskets!), my books and my magazines. But not my WIPs. They are all over the appartment.

I didn't want to take out all my yarn to take pics, so I just took one of my little sock yarn basket. I don't have that much, but since I don't really knit more than one pair of socks a month, I feel I have plenty.

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Weekly WIP Report

I have ignored pretty much all my projects except for Shedir (link to pdf file). I'm not going to post a picture though because it's almost done. So you should have a FO pic later this week. And I can now surely say that it's BEAU-TI-FUL!

I have totally ignored my second Marina Piccola sock (I haven't even cast on for it yet). Don't worry, I don't suffer from Second Sock Syndrome. I just was too into Shedir. As soon as I finish it, I'll start the sock. But it's safe to say I won't have a pair for September ;). The good news is that I'll only have one sock to knit for October! (I make it sound like I don't like to knit socks but it's actually my favourite thing to knit).

I've made some progress on the Woven Trellis scarf, because you can't work on anything with a chart while watching Heroes (the scarf, however, is the perfect TV-watching project). Last time I measured, I was at 40" on the second tube. I'll get there, even if it's not until 2009!


I love Autumn, it's my favourite season. I love to cook in Autumn, there's something really comforting about it. And I love squash! Yesterday, I tried this recipe for a stuffed squash. It was great, though I replaced lamb with beef because it was what I had on hand. I also added cheese. If you try it, I suggest you use your favourite spices (though the ones suggested work great). Whatever you have on hand will work.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekly WIP Report - A little late edition

I'm home, sick with the flu. I was too tired to post yesterday so I'm giving you this late WIP report.

I've been in a knitting funk lately. I like all the projects I'm working on, but they don't interest me as much as... everything else I'd like to knit! I'm itching to start new projects, but I want to finish some of the current ones first. I keep on working a little bit on every project, so everything progresses, but slowly.

I've worked some on the neverending Woven Trellis scarf. I haven't measured it or taken pics, but I probably added 5" to it since last week. I'll probably work on it tonight while watching HEROES (woohoo!!!!).

I've added a pattern repeat to Shedir, and all I have to show for it is this blurry pic:

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It's going to be a beautiful, but a little scratchy, hat.

I've also finished the first Marina Piccola sock:

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Again, the pic is not too great. I wish I could take better photos but I don't have that talent it seems.

I haven't bought any new yarn/knitting books/accessories this week, but I have been oh-so-tempted. With the fantastic exchange rate (the Canadian dollar is pretty much equal to the US one right now), I would have a lot of yarn for my money. I filled my Knitpicks cart but I signed off before I bought. I did the same at Blue Moon Fiber Arts (someday I'll try some Socks that rock... someday). I'll buy more yarn when there's more room in the yarn closet. Or not. We'll see.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Weekly WIP Report

It's time for yet another WIP report. Again, it'll be picture-less, because frankly, I haven't made enough progress on any WIP to bother with pics.

I have mostly been working on the Marina Piccola socks and I'm still in love with them. I just finished the heel flap on sock #1. It's going slowly but there's a part of me that still foolishly hope that I'll finish them before the end of the month. If not, oh well, they'll be my October socks.

The Woven Trellis scarf is still boring. I must have... maybe 25" done on the second tube. I knit on it a bit in the metro today. Soon, it'll be too heavy to carry with me for public transportation knitting.

Shedir has been put on hold I guess. Not because I don't like it, it's just that the socks take all of my time. I'll get back to it soon enough.

In other news, I'm sure most of you have seen the new Knitty. Oddly, my first thought when I looked at it was that there was nothing in it I wanted to knit. Muir is gorgeous, but I don't see myself knitting a lace shawl anytime soon. But slowly, some patterns have grown on me. I think the problem I had with most of the sweaters/cardigans was that they were made in variegated yarns and I prefer solids for sweaters. Now I could see myself adding Roam, Cherie Amour and Mr Greenjean to my queue, but I'd definitely make them with a solid coloured yarn. I think the Foliage hats are totally cute too.

What about you guys? Are you planning on making something out of a fall 07 Knitty pattern?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Roxham Wool Gathering

I woke up early this morning to go to the annual Roxham Wool Gathering with Robyn, Mona and Janet (blogless, I think).

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It was my first time going and I had a lovely time. But I was a little disappointed, there definitely wasn't that much wool. It was more like a craft fair with some wool than a wool gathering. But I love craft fairs so I was happy. And there was some wool:

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(Robyn and Mona, looking at the wool)

There were knit rats:

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And super cute hats:

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There even were sheep!

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And the most adorable dog (I heard someone say her name is Phoebe):

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She's totally smiling at me isn't she?

I didn't buy any wool but I did get some roving for my Secret Pal. I don't think she reads my blog, but just in case, I won't post a picture. I also bought a bottle of wine (very good, I got to taste it beforehand).

So it was a nice day. And since I didn't spend much money, I have some to spend at Effiloché! But not now. I just bought a ball winder (yesssss, I finally have one) and I want to knit from the stash before I buy more. I'm not really on a yarn diet, but I do have yarn that I want to use so I really don't need any more. I would like to finish my current projects, knit a scarf for my boyfriend, the streakers shrug, the endpaper mitts and at least 3 pairs of socks before I buy anything new. Will I succeed? I doubt it, but I'll try!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More in my yarn closet, less in my wallet...

So I mentionned a few days ago that I've been buying more than usual lately. I'm not sure why, I just felt a strong desire to buy knitting stuff. Today, I got my order from Ariadne :

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The booklet, Steppin' out, has 12 sock patterns from Veronik Avery and Mona Schmidt. I LOVE IT! There are 7 patterns out of the 12 that I want to add to my queue immediately.

I also bought my first Lorna's, in Mixed Berries:

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It's so soft and beautiful, I want to use it as a pillow!

I also got some Reynolds Soft Sea Wool in Olive:

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I totally love this colour.

But that's not all. Earlier this week, I went to Indigo and I bought this:

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I am loving many designs in that book and I've already added the Aspen top-down sweater (that's the cover sweater), Beret Basque and the Latvian fingerless mitts to my queue.

Oh and did I mention that I'm buying a ball winder tomorrow? I need to stop spending and use the yarn I bought!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Weekly WIP Report

Hello all! Before I talk about the knitting stuff, let me tell you I've had a very painful weekend. Last Wednesday, I began to feel pain in my right shoulder. A few hours later, the pain went up to my neck and down to my arm. Thursday, the pain was still there. Friday too, worst than ever. Saturday, I finally decided to go see a doctor. It looks like it's a pinched nerve. He prescribed some pain killers and something that "relaxes" my muscles. Unfortunately, it also makes me want to sleep real bad. I can tell you work was no fun today!

Because of that, I knit a little bit less than usual (though I don't think the pain is knitting-related). But I still got some knitting done. I have close to 12 inches done on the second tube of the Woven Trellis scarf and my Shedir hat is a little bit bigger.

I also cast on for Marina Piccola and knit one full pattern repeat:

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I'm using Fleece Artist merino (LOVE!!!). The pattern is great too, though I kept on making stupid mistakes at first. I really hope I can finish them before the end of the month, for the Sock a Month knitalong. We'll see.

Friday, September 07, 2007

I was tempted and now I'm tempting YOU!

I've been purchase-happy lately, despite the fact that I don't really need more sock yarn. I don't have a ton, far from it, but I have enough for the next 3-4 sock projects I have in mind and that should be enough for me (yeah right).

First, I joined Robyn's sock club for October. I had missed out in September, unfortunately. It includes yarn, stitch markers and a pattern. I hope I'll like it!

That same Robyn also posted a pic of the socks she's making for her husband and I really liked them. Very simple and classic. The pattern is from a booklet. I checked on Ravelry and they had a pic of another sock that I liked from that booklet. So I checked out the whole thing on Ariadne (because I knew they were carrying it) and I realized I liked most of the patterns. And they are all designed by Veronik Avery and Mona Schmidt. So I bought. And if I'm going to buy a sock pattern booklet, I'm going to buy sock yarn. Duh! I checked out the yarn the booklet called for (Reynold Soft Sea Wool). It looks beautiful and it's not very expensive. So I bought some in Olive. I would have bought more but I want to try it first. Finally, I bought my first skeins of Lorna's Lace. It's about time I try it. The colour is Mixed Berries (I had a really hard time choosing).

So yeah. Yummy yarn goodness is on my way (or not. I chose the pick-up option instead of delivery). And my Secret Pal emailed and said there's a package coming my way soon. Oooh goodies!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Weekly WIP Report

I'm doing the WIP Report one day late this week, because it was a three-day weekend and the blog needs a break too (haha, as if I didn't take enough breaks during the week... I'm just lazy).

I've been working on the same projects as last week, but the good news is: I finished the first tube of the Woven Trellis scarf!

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Only 5 more to go...

I also worked a little bit on Shedir. I have 1.5 pattern repeat done.

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That's it for this week. I'm hoping to have a new WIP to report on next week. I want to cast on for the Marina Piccola socks.