Friday, December 31, 2004

See you in 2005, sweater!

Today is a very sad day. The day I must put the sweater aside, despite the fact that it's almost done. Yes, I could have finished it today but I ran out of yarn. *cries*

I only have a few rows left on the sleeves (I'm doing both at the same time) + the seaming and the crochet edge at the collar. But nooooooo, I can't finish because I am short on yarn. Stupid stupid stupid. I will go to the LYS and hope/pray that they have a ball left of the same colour. I remember that there wasn't much of it left (and it was on sale, which means that they may not order any more). I can't remember if I took all that was left or not. Poo.


To finish the year on a good note, I will say that I'm in love with many patterns from this site: White Lies Design. I mean, isn't Heather just exquisite?

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

A very knitty holiday

Sweater Progress Update:
Back: Done
Front: About 1/3 done

Because I needed a little break, I decided to make a list of everything I'd like to make out of Stitch N' Bitch Nation:

-Dropped Stitch Scarf
-Basketweave Scarf (currently on the needles)
-Basic Cable
-Mud Flap Girl Tank Top
-Candy Stripers (maybe)
-Poster Boy (definitely and sooner than later)
-Om Yoga Mat Bag
-Felted Furry Foot Warmers
-Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers

I really dislike the dropped-stitch vest but it seemslike a lot of people like it, at least according to the thread about it on the craftster forum.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Last FO of 2004

Because I doubt I'll be able to finish anything else.

I'm done with the silk garden beanie! It's so damn cute, I'm tempted to keep it for myself. My mom thinks it's adorable, which is a good sign. She doesn't know I'll offer her to keep it when I give her her bag. Hehe. But I know for sure I'll make myself one when I get back home. Probably with the leftover from my gryffindor scarf. Woohoo, matching hat. :)

I'm about 75% through with the back of the sweater. I'm loving this vacation thing. I have so much time to knit. And it's not like it's all I've done (though I'll admit I'm spending a lot of time knitting). I've been working out, cooking, visiting family... and knitting. Tonight I'll go see Finding Neverland.

Unfortunately, I can't post pics of the beanie right now but I will when I get back home next Sunday.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

The joy of giving...

My knitted gifts have been given (except for the Chinese Charm Bag, which will be given just before I leave on Jan. 2) and have been very well-received. It made me all happy to see that people liked what I made with my own hands. I'm definitely knitting again next Christmas. Maybe I'll try to do socks.

Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it!

I didn't receive any knitting-related gifts, but I didn't expect any. I asked for a few books but I knew they would be hard to find here. And I didn't ask for yarn because the only place mom would have been able to buy some would have been Wallmart or Zellers. And she doesn't shop online.

I'm so looking forward to give her her birthday bag now! I'm currently working on a beanie with the leftover yarn for that project, and if I manage to finish it this week, I'll also give it to her. But I'm also working on the sweater (coming along nicely) and the basketweave scarf (love it) so I don't know if I'll finish it before I leave. We'll see...

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Fuzzy Feet Extravaganza

(from left to right): My mom's (which will have to be refelted), My mom's boyfriend's and my sister's.


I casted on for the Silk Garden Beanie. It's made on 4mm (I think it's US6) DPN, but they feel much tinier than 6s to me.


I have one last day of work and then I'm off for one week! Yay! To everyone who reads this, I wish happy holidays. And a merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Suddenly social?

I've been feeling like meeting other knitters lately. I'd love to join a Stitch N' Bitch or something like that. But there are some problems with this:

1. I'm incredibly shy in a group where I'm the only person who doesn't know the others. Put me in a group where no one knows each other and I'll be the most vocal out there. But if everyone knows everyone but me, I'll shut up completely. Yikes!

2. I have a weird work schedule and I'm rarely free in the evenings. Seriously, for a knitting meeting to work for me, it would have to be either during the day, late at night (after 9pm), on a Friday or Saturday (my two days off) or Sunday morning/early afternoon. It's not easy to find people available at these times.

A lot of people at work have been impressed with my FO, maybe said they would love to learn how to knit, but all of them say "they don't have time". Funny because I often work 60 hours a week, I work out regularly and despite not being super social, I do have a few friends that I see. :p But I can't watch TV without doing something with my hands, so knitting is perfect. And there's nothing more boring than a long metro/bus ride (reading is good but I don't always feel like it).

Anyways. If any of the Montrealers who are reading this would like to meet someday, maybe in January, let me know :)

You know what I'd really like? To set up a group for charity knitting. Like chemo caps or something. Maybe someday.


Ok so La Bobineuse's red yarn is so going to be a Chinese Charm bag. It won't, however, be ready for Friday's party. I don't even have time to go to the fabric store for the lining and the handles. Besides, it probably would be preferable until my mom has her own bag before I make another one.

So of course, because I'll be using the red yarn for a bag (and probably a matching hat later on), I just HAD to go to the LYS to get some replacement yarn for the sweater. Oh my God. I bought some Phildar Laureate (60% Courtelle (??What's that??), 20% mohair, 15% acrylic, 5% wool) and I love it. I have no idea if this yarn is considered "good yarn" by the experimented knitter or if they see it as crap, but I don't care, I just love knitting with it. It's soft and beautiful and wow. And at 3.40 CDN a skein, it was very affordable for a sweater (and I got perfect gauge, woohoo!). I got it in a baby blue colour, which is drastically different from the red I had first planned, but I think it'll work well.

I think I'll buy more of it to make a shawl. It would be perfect. Sooooo soft. Yum.


I love finishing a lot of projects, because it means I can choose new ones. But it's also overwhelming because there are so many things I'd like to make. Being a list-maker, I'm making a quick one before I go to bed:

On the needles:

-Basketweave scarf from Stitch N' Bitch Nation
(Paton Shetland Chunky -- I think? I don't feel like going to check it out). Lovely. Love the yarn, love the pattern.

-To Dye for sweater from Stitch N' Bitch
(Phildar Laureate). LOVE the yarn. Very easy knit so far.

Things I will do for sure soon:

-one-skein silk garden beanie
(Out of the extra Silk Garden yarn I have leftover from mom's Chinese Charm Bag)

-Chinese Charm Bag #2 (for me!)
(La Bobineuse red acrylic/wool blend)

Things I really want to do ASAP:

-Sacred & Profane convertible from Knit Wit
(I'm thinking of using Kureyon for the wrist warmers part and black yarn for the mitten covers part. And funky buttons)

-Coronet from Knitty
(matching above)

-Poster boy from Stitch N' Bitch Nation
(I'd like to use a Marilyn Monroe chart, but I'm not sure I know how to do that)

-Monster slippers from Stitch N' Bitch Nation
(because I can't see another fuzzy feet) ;)


So many projects, so little time...

Monday, December 20, 2004

Rip it rip it!

Re: Fuzzy Feet
I did feet surgery yesterday. I ended up felting (by hand) my mom's slippers, which were originally made for my sister but were too big for her. Now I think they'll fit her. I also handfelted the second pair I made (for my sister) and they shrunk a little bit. Now I think they may fit my mom's feet, but I'm not sure because her feet are so much bigger than mine. I think what I'll do is give them to her as they are now and tell her that I will shrink them more if need be.

Now I don't want to see another pair of fuzzy feet for at least a year ;)
(Seriously, I'd love to make a pair for myself, but I think I'll go with the monster slippers from Stitch N' Bitch Nation instead).

Re: To Dye For sweater
The more I knit it, the least I like the texture of the fabric. The colour is gorgeous and even the texture is ok but not for this sweater. Oh well. I think I may frog it and use the yarn for a bag similar to the Chinese Charm Bag as well as a hat and who knows what else. Now of course I need to hurry up and go to the yarn store to get mohair. Unfortunately I can't go today, but tomorrow for sure.

Re: My friend's scarf
My first idea was to simply make a garter stitch scarf on big needles with the chunky Paton, but I ended up chosing the basketweave scarf from Stitch N' Bitch Nation. I had to modify it a little bit so I could use chunky yarn (and size 10 needles) but it looks ok so far. I had never used Paton yarn but I really like it, it's very soft.

Sunday, December 19, 2004



The fuzzy feet I made for my mom's bf felted beautifully. Unfortunately, I can't say the same thing about my sister's pair. I used a different kind of yarn, maybe that's the problem. It felts all right, you can't see the stitch definition any longer and it has shrunk. But it hasn't shrunk nearly enough, even after FOUR trips through the washer. *sigh*

Is there a point where the fabric has reached a saturation point with felting? What I mean is, is there a point where it won't shrink anymore, no matter how many times I put it in the washer? Would it be worth it to try again?

The sad thing is, I may have to do the rest by hand, because I won't be home much all week except late at night. Stupid noisy washers. Stupid yarn that won't felt correctly. Grrr.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

No more Xmas knitting!

My Christmas knitting is all done! I still need to put the slippers through at least another cycle in the washer, but it'll have to wait until tomorrow, as my walls are paper thin and my neighbours wouldn't be too happy to hear the washer at this hour.

I've also refelted my booga bag, just because. It looks much better now.

Of course, being done with all my Xmas projects leaves me with the problem (and what a problem it is) of deciging what to knit next.

I am definitely making my first sweater and it will be To Dye for, from Stitch N'Bitch. I began a swatch using the yarn I got at La Bobineuse. It's very different from the suggested yarn, so I'm not sure it will work, but I hope so because it would be SO gorgeous.

There are two gifts that I want to make but they are not Christmas gifts. One is a scarf for my friend. I'm thinking of just going for simple garter stitch on US 15 needles. The other one would be This hat using the skein of Noro Silk Garden leftover from the Chinese Charm bag. I would of course give it to my mom (to go with her bag). I'd like to make it so I can give it to her on her b-day (Jan. 3rd) but we'll see.

Other than that, I don't know. I really need to make myself a hat and mittens. I would love to make the Sacred & Profane Convertibles from Knit Wit (they're wrist warmers with mitten tops that you can button on it. Très cute). For the hat, I'm in love with Coronet. Many people have been making it lately and it's just so cute. Oh well. Knowing myself, it will probably get done sometime next summer ;)

In other news, I FINALLY found Stitch N' Bitch Nation in Montreal. Indigo (on Ste-Catherine Street) has plenty in stock. I was so thrilled to find it, I bought it without even going through it. I had already looked at the patterns online anyways. I have to say that there aren't as many patterns that appeal to me in it compared to the first book. Then again, many patterns in the first book didn't appeal to me at first but they grew on me (To dye for is a good example). I am *definitely* making Poster Boy. I also like the cabled hat. Maybe I'll do this one instead of Coronet. Who knows?

I will post pics of my finished Xmas gifts soon.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I see the light at the end of the tunnel...

About my subject line: is this an English expression? Cause we say that in French when we're close to finishing something that was long to do (or when things start to look up after they've been very bad). Sometimes I translate French expressions into English without knowing if it makes any sense :p

Anyways. Of course it refers to my Christmas knitting. Fuzzy feet #2 are done, minus the felting which I will do on the weekend. I have finished the first foot of pair number three. I'm still knitting on the pink fluffy scarf only because I want it to be as long as possible when I give it to my coworker on Friday, but it's already at an acceptable length.

THEN I will be able to knit for myself! Yay! I will also have to work on a friend's scarf, but it doesn't have to be done by Christmas so there's less stress.

I really hope people will like what I've made for them. I'm always scared that they won't. Oh well. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Chinese Charm Bag

I finally got around to buy fabric for the lining and the Chinese Charm Bag is finished! It's going to be a birthday gift for my mom (January 3rd). I still need to find an angel charm to attach to it, but I can say it's pretty much finished.

I couldn't find Noro Gemstones, unfortunately. I really liked the colours too so I was disappointed, but oh well. I think the Noro Silk Garden works pretty well to, don't you think? And I used less than two skeins! I bought three, so I may make a matching hat with the last skein.

I am really almost done with my sister's fuzzy feet. And the pink fluffy scarf is at an acceptable length, though my plan is to keep on knitting it until next Friday, when I'll give it away to a coworker. She posed (with a little piece of the scarf) for my article on knitting and she jokingly said that if I wanted to get rid of it, she would gladly accept it as payment for her services. Since I got her for our office's Secret Santa thing, I will be adding it to the gift I bought. How convenient! ;)

Yesterday I went to the LYS to buy yarn for the two other gifts I need to make. I got some Scheepjes Rigodon variegated in gray/copper shades. It will be a pair of fuzzy feet for my mom's boyfriend. And I got some Patons Shetland Chunky in black for a scarf. This one will also be a gift, but it doesn't have to be done by Christmas. I'm not sure what kind of scarf I'll make yet, either plain garter stitch or ribbed. Not sure.

This little trip to the LYS was also a big test of self-discipline. I completely fell in love with a skein of yarn that reminded me of the prism yarns (like these) except that it was something like 8-9$CDN a ball instead of 94$US! Of course, it's not the same thing at all, but I think it has a similar effect. Gorgeous thing. I just know that I will go back and buy it, even though I need another scarf like I need a "yarn addict" tattoo on my forehead. (Wait... maybe I do need such a tattoo! ;) ). But yeah. You're on a yarn diet or you're not. After Christmas, I may go back and buy it. But not before then.

Now that Christmas knitting is almost done, I can finally think of what projects I want to start during my holiday break (one week off, yay!). I'm thinking of trying for my first sweater, i.e. Stitch N' Bitch's To dye for sweater. I want to use the red yarn I got at La Bobineuse, but I'm not sure it will work well. It has no mohair at all in it, it's an acrylic/wool blend. But it's so damn gorgeous! Oh well. I will try and if it doesn't work, I will know soon enough.

Did I mention that I still can't find Stitch N' Bitch nation anywhere? I know I should order it online, but I don't want to put anything on my credit card for now. Being an adult sucks :p

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Ethic, copyright and all that fun stuff

First, I want to say that I'm only posting this out of curiosity. I've never sold any of my knitting and I don't plan to, at least for now. Maybe if I ever get really good at this, enough that I can design my own stuff, I will change my mind, but for now I prefer to knit for myself or for gifts.

The other day at work, a coworker was looking at my Harry Potter scarf and asked me if I would knit one for his niece, offering of course to pay me for the yarn and for my time. I refused because I don't even have enough time to knit for myself.

But if I had said yes, would it have been wrong? The pattern is copyrighted. But it's not like I would mass-produce it and sell it on a website, you know. If a non-knitter sees my booga bag and ask me if I can make one for them, is it wrong to make them one and ask them to pay for the yarn AND the time it takes me to make it?

Also, I know that it would be wrong for me to make, say, a sweater based on a pattern from Knitty and then sell it on Ebay. But if I make the sweater and give it to someone who then decides a year later to sell it on Ebay, would that be copyright violation?

Again, I'm not planning to do any of the above (and I'm hoping people wouldn't Ebay the stuff I make them :p), I'm just curious about it.

*x-posted in the Knit and Bitch forum.

Friday, December 10, 2004

But I'm not *ready* for Christmas!

I'm way too busy! First, I want to thank everyone for the nice happy b-day wishes. The day was uneventful, but it's ok. At 27, you don't need your birthday to be highly celebrated, right? Right.

I went to a craft show today and I got a beautiful ring and a necklace. I also realized just how much some people are willing to pay for knitted items. Don't get me wrong, I think handknitted items are worth a lot. BUT I was surprised to see a knitted sweater priced at 595$ and scarves that I could have made myself priced at 75$. Wow. You know, I should bring my family and friends to the show and show them the prices. Then they'd be even happier when I give them knitted gifts ;)

I got home to find a second gift from my Secret Pal (who, I know now, is Joy!).

Two skeins of Caron Jewel Box, some sock-shaped point protector, nice beads, lovely flower-shaped buttons, a mini photo album and a day planner. My pal is great! And my other pal, Babette, has received what I sent her so all is good. I really liked participating in this thing.

I'm going to end this by telling you all, millions of readers, about a few blogs that I like to read. I will eventually add them to my menu bar on the right. Yeah, tomorrow I'll do that (says the queen of procrastination).

An Adequate Knitter -- home of the lovely Julie

Tiara Knits -- Lovely mod of the Knit and Bitch forum (if you ever need a co-mod... you know...) ;)

Jo~Knits! -- She may not know it, but I really am a fan.

Yarn Harlot -- I call her the mitten goddess in my mind

I'm getting more and more addicted to blog reading. I'll be adding more for sure.

Thursday, December 02, 2004


Free time is a precious thing that I don't have much of lately. So here's a quick update, because I'm sure the 2-3 people who religiously read this blog (and I'm including myself in that count ;) ) are very anxious to know what's going on in my life...

First, I am proud to say that I'm a two-time NaNoWriMo winner. Go me! It was my first time every writing fantasy and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Second, I finished the first foot of Fuzzy Feet #2 and I began the second one. Yay!

Third, when I say I'm on a yarn diet, I mean "aside for the yarn I need for Christmas gifts". I decided to knit a scarf for a friend (and it will most likely NOT be finished by Christmas, but hopefully it will be before winter ends).

Fourth, I'm turning 27 tomorrow! Yikes! I don't like to get older (not that 27 is old, mind you, but it seems like I was 17 not too long ago). On the other hand, I'm still a big baby when it comes to my birthday and I'm always excited to see December 3rd coming. I will be spending the day (and the whole weekend) in Quebec city for a journalist convention (Le congrès de la FPJQ).

Fifth, since I wrote this article on knitting, I keep seeing articles about it everyone. There was one on Yahoo France last week, then I saw one in the new Clin d'oeil magazine and someone told me there was one in Voir too.

I think that's all!