Sunday, February 15, 2009

Every single day of forever

Bella's Mittens (February)

Pattern:Bella's mittens, by Marielle Henault
Yarn: Knitpicks Cadena in Mist
Needles: US7/4.5 mm DPNs

I absolutely LOVE these mittens. They are perfect and they were a quick knit (I would have finished them last week if it hadn't been for my injury). They are also the perfect colour to go with my woven cables scarf...

... except that I lost my scarf the same day I finished the mittens. *sigh* I guess I really can't go through a winter without losing some knitwear. And now I need a new scarf.

In other news, my neck/shoulder still hurts and I'm still not sure what's wrong. It got really bad at one point and I just couldn't sleep. I went to an osteopath and it's gotten better every day since. Hopefully it'll be back to normal soon. I want to try and go back to the gym this week (my trainer has designed a program that won't hurt my neck).

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Mitts in progress

I gotta say, those Bella mittens are a quick knit:


No, I'm not done yet, but I haven't knit at all these past few days. Imagine being in a doctor's waiting room for 3 hours but not being able to knit because you're in pain. That was yesterday morning. I'm still not sure what's wrong with me. The doctor called whiplash, but I thought that was something you had after a car accident. Apparently not. Anyways, I got me some anti-inflammatory drugs (and no cervical collar, thank God). Hopefully I'll get back to knitting soon.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Green socks!

Look at my beautiful new socks! I love them!

Lucky Clover socks (January)

Pattern: Paddy's Lucky Clover Socks by Angela Dominey
Yarn: Shelby B's Designs 100% Superwash Merino in Lucky Clover
Needles: 2.25 mm dpns

The yarn and pattern were from last year's March sock club from Robyn's nest. The pattern was fun and easy to memorize and the yarn is just fabulous. Very soft. I'm wearing the socks right now and I just love them.

I'm trying not to knit too much right now because there's something wrong with my left shoulder/neck. It's been hurting for days now and it's getting worse each day. I don't think it's knitting-related, but still. I'll go to the doctor sometime this week (probably Tuesday). Last time something like that happened (last year or so), I has to take pain relievers and muscle relaxers, but I was better after a few days.

To Angela: You asked me if it's easier to learn to knit with smaller or bigger needles. I think every knitter has its preference (I like to knit socks, so I like small needles) and I think you can learn using any needles BUT my preference for a beginner would be size 4mm to 5 mm needles (US 6 to 8). Bigger needles are cool cause you can use them with bulky yarn and it goes quick, but I find them harder to manipulate. Of course, you also need to choose yarn that will go with the needles (using bulky yarn with 2mm needles wouldn't be a good idea). But for the yarn I sent you, 4-5mm would work great.

Tara (and anyone else who loves Twilight), go and read this (PDF file), it's hilarious! My favourite part is "Rosalie Hale is making dinner…I know, right??"

Another funny. (Not Twilight related)