Sunday, July 24, 2005

Lesson in blogging

Today's lesson will be "How to increase traffic to your blog". You have two options:

1. Write witty and/or funny and/or intelligent posts.
2. Have your blog mentionned in a very popular blog

I knew my wit wasn't enough to bring in 91 visitors a day. Wow! Sorry it happened on a day I really had nothing to say :p


I ended up going to today's meetup and didn't regret it at all. Because everyone is so nice. And seeing people is healthy. Plus, I was able to see Lee-Ann for more than 30 seconds.

I took a few pics. I wanted to post them but I always feel bad posting other people's pics even if they did see me taking it. So they're aware that I plan on posting them. So yeah, I decided I wouldn't post them until I saw this:

Image hosted by

Hmmm. Could it be? (For those not in the know, Molly-Ann got her wallet stolen while we were there). Seriously, I have no idea if that person took it (I'm still hoping Molly-Ann will find it somewhere in her bag. I have this theory that some bags have this vortex that sucks objects in and spits them out at random. I know my bags do).


And just in case some people are worried about me (sorry about that), I got a lot of rest this weekend and I feel much better. My mood still goes up and down and up again but right now I'm feeling ok. <3

Thursday, July 21, 2005

A quick update

Hello world!

There is a reason why I wouldn't be able to stop going to the knitting meeting: everyone who goes there is so nice. Thanks to everyone who replied to my last post (Montrealers as well as everyone else of course). I meant to reply to everyone individually but I barely have time to breathe right now.

I requested a day off on Sunday, which will do me good for sure. I'm not sure yet if I'll be in Montreal, but if I am, I'll see some of you at the meeting (and for once I won't have to leave at 3!).

Sunday, July 10, 2005


I finished Hubert's sock:

Image hosted by

I'm working on #2. If I keep up at this rate, I won't be giving away many knitted gifts next Christmas.

In other news, today was knitting meetup day, which happened at the Second Cup on Monkland. My tiredness and depressiveness makes it difficult for me to attend any sort of gathering or to do anything at all, really, but the last time that happened to me I isolated myself for months and I'm trying really hard not to let that happen again. But then I realize just how boring of a person I must seem. So I'm not sure what's best, really. Do I keep on going to keep me sane or do I not go so I don't subject other people to my presence, because I do realize that I'm no fun to be around these days?

I can be such a drama queen in online journals. I think I just need to take a little break. Especially since I just admitted on my blog, which some of the Montreal knitters read, that I'm really a sociophobic fruitcake. What a winner.

All that being said, seeing Veronik's blue shawl (the one that she gave to Margaret) at the meeting, as well as Molly Anne and Anny's shawls-in-progress made me want to make one too. So I'll just add that to my list of things to make sometime. Later.