Sunday, July 24, 2005

Lesson in blogging

Today's lesson will be "How to increase traffic to your blog". You have two options:

1. Write witty and/or funny and/or intelligent posts.
2. Have your blog mentionned in a very popular blog

I knew my wit wasn't enough to bring in 91 visitors a day. Wow! Sorry it happened on a day I really had nothing to say :p


I ended up going to today's meetup and didn't regret it at all. Because everyone is so nice. And seeing people is healthy. Plus, I was able to see Lee-Ann for more than 30 seconds.

I took a few pics. I wanted to post them but I always feel bad posting other people's pics even if they did see me taking it. So they're aware that I plan on posting them. So yeah, I decided I wouldn't post them until I saw this:

Image hosted by

Hmmm. Could it be? (For those not in the know, Molly-Ann got her wallet stolen while we were there). Seriously, I have no idea if that person took it (I'm still hoping Molly-Ann will find it somewhere in her bag. I have this theory that some bags have this vortex that sucks objects in and spits them out at random. I know my bags do).


And just in case some people are worried about me (sorry about that), I got a lot of rest this weekend and I feel much better. My mood still goes up and down and up again but right now I'm feeling ok. <3


pleutim said...

I dunno. That person seems to be facing in the complete opposite (redundant, I know) direction. And the girl in the black at the back of the picture would surely have noticed, no? I hope it turns up too. There are only a few things less annoying and frustrating than having to replace wallet contents.

Lee Ann said...

You can post my pic if I don't look drunk or angry... You didn't shoot a shot down my shirt or anything, and since I was spinning, you know, the pic might help toward the plot of spinners to take over the world ;-)

I'm glad to hear you feel better, and it was very nice to chat with you, finally, without having to say goodbye two seconds after we say hello :-)