Friday, June 24, 2011

Stupid nupps

Hello world!

I hope everything is well in the wonderful world of knitting. I am happy to report that 3.5 months after giving birth, knitting is finally back into my life (and by that, I mean I can do more than 1-2 rows a week). Yay!

For a while, I was happily working on my Eunice socks. I don't have much longer to go and I LOVE the way they are turning out.

But sock knitting came to a halt when I bought this dress. See, I have a baptism to go to soon (my friend's baby, I'm the godmother) and then I have two weddings later this summer. So I got this simple dress but it's sleeveless. Sooooo I decided I needed a shawl. I decided that last week and the baptism is on July 3rd. No problem. I chose a simple small shawl (Swallowtail) and chose a skein of Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud in peppermint and happily cast on.

Things were going wonderfully. I was totally going to finish on time. I did the 14 repeats of the second chart and started the third...

It has nupps. Stupid little nupps. The p5tog on the wrong side are taking forever AND I made a mistake in the last row I knit yesterday and will most likely have to frog to the lifeline (only 5 rows, but still).

Now I'm not so sure I can finish for the baptism. Oh well. I know I can still finish for the first wedding at the end of July so that will be my new goal.

In Julien news, I am happy to report that he now sleeps through the night. He actually started doing it on and off at 10 weeks (he's 15 weeks now). But for a little over a week, he has slept through the night every night (I'm talking from 7-8 pm to 6 am). Let me tell you, it's nice.

He has rolled over (tummy to back and back to tummy) a couple of times, he holds his head up really well and he loves to "stand" (we hold him of course). In the past couple of weeks, he has found his thumb (and seems to think it's the best thing ever) and his toes. He smiles a lot (and cries a lot too, still) and I love him to pieces. Being a mommy is awesome!


Friday, June 10, 2011



Someone in the Knit Picks group on Ravelry organized a "Palette sampler coop" recently and I decided to buy a share, since Knit Picks doesn't offer colour cards anymore. Since the price of Palette has gone up, I'll want to be sure I really like the colours I'll order in the future and now I have a sample of every colour offered. I love my mini-skeins, they're so pretty!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011