Monday, February 13, 2012

Photo of the week

Lens: 50 mm f/1.8
Info: f/4, 1/200, ISO 400

I almost didn't post this week. But then I thought I couldn't give up on my project 52 after only 6 weeks. So a picture of my son it is. He's a cutie :)

I promise some knitting content later this week.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Photo of the week

Lens: 50 mm f/1.8
Info: f/2, 1/200, ISO 400

I don't like this picture, but it was the only one I had for last week. The whole family has been SICK with gastro last week. Boo. Let's just say that taking pictures was the last thing on my mind.

So I ended up taking this pic of my son's music box. I don't like the black frame behind it, but my Photoshop skills aren't good enough for me to clone it out, so there you go. Hopefully next week's pic will be better.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

A good old pair of socks!

My friends, I present to you the first FO of 2012.

Norfolk Ramblers (February)
Pattern: Norfolk Ramblers, by Emma Grundy Haigh.
Yarn: Les TricotLores Wool Alpaca
Needles: US1 - 2.25 mm DPNs
Notes: The pattern would have worked better in a solid or semi-solid yarn, but it still goes well with the variegated I had (it looks better in person). I'm really trying to use up some of my variegated yarn whenever I can.

I knit these socks as part of the December Sockdown challenge on Ravelry. I had until January 31st to finish them, but sadly, I finished on... February 1st! One day late! I would have finished them on time if the whole family hadn't been sick this past week. Julien had a cold, he got gastro AND has an ear infection. Then I got gastro and of course Chris got it too. Everyone is healthy right now, finally (though Julien is still on antibiotics for his ear).

Anyways, now that the socks are done, I want to A) Finish a bulky yarn earflap hat I started a while ago B) Cast-on for mittens C) Cast-on for new socks (I'm thinking of going back to Sock Innovation for my next ones, we'll see).