Thursday, April 28, 2005

Sock Therapy

This week has been full of ups and downs.

But I've had some good news: I'm being sent to Paris for two weeks to help on a project there. I'm so happy, since travelling is my favourite thing in the world (yes, I do like it more than knitting, but only slightly ;) ). It's silly because I'll be working the whole time I'm there, long hours every day, so I won't even have time to visit anything much. But still. I'll be in Paris!

Now I'm trying to figure out what knitting project to bring. I'll be finished with sock #1 for sure, but my goal was not to start #2 until I have at least one of my other projects done (does a frogged project count? Because I think I'll frog my baby blanket soon). I think I'll bring sock #2 on the trip, but I need something else in case I finish it (hey, I will be there for two weeks). I don't want to bring my current WIPs. So what else? More socks, maybe? A shawl? I'd like to do a shawl. Or maybe a top. I like the ribbon top from the current Knitty. *ponders*


In other news, I've been depressed lately (what's new?). Suffering from big self-esteem/body image issues. I'm not gonna go into it here, as I'm trying to keep this mostly knitting-oriented (I use my Livejournal for the annoying whiny posts). But I realized that there is such a thing as knitting therapy. You can't be depressed while you're knitting purple socks. Try it, I dare you.

Image hosted by

It works.

(I know there is more blue than purple in the sock, but I tend to notice the purple more than any other colour).


Finally, in other news, the fabulous Lee Ann has a brand new blog. It's funny, it's witty, it's perfect... the only thing missing is a link to my blog really ;)

Speaking of links, I need to post my favourites in the menu of my own blog. Someday, I promise. For now, back to the sock therapy.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

One round of applause for Montreal knitters

I had a fantastic time at the meetup today. I don't think I had ever been in a room with so many knitters before. Now that I think of it, I don't know any knitters (other than those of you I met today of course) so I never see any unless I'm yarn shopping.

It was just great to meet so many women who are passionate about my favourite hobby. It was fantastic to see other people's work (and to touch their yarn, I really couldn't resist).

I had been in a knitting slump lately and going there made me want to get back into it in full force (hopefully I'll have a whole sock to show at the next meeting).

Things I learned today:

1. Gauge is not pronounced how I thought it was.
2. Knitters make cute kids
3. Jo's husband knows I exist
4. Pink is a great colour for socks
5. I actually enjoy the "who are those freaks?" looks that people give to a group of knitters in a public place

Oh and there was also a discussion on shrugs. I think the consensus is that they are not liked, but I'm still undecided on the subject.

Saturday, April 23, 2005


Keeping up with the tradition*, here's my mini-review of IK's summer issue.

I thought there were a lot of cute things in this issue, but not that many things I want to make. I'm more of a fall-winter girl when it comes to knitting anyways.

Did you guys see the lace baby gown on page seven? If that thing won third prize, I want to see the second and first place! Wow!

Ok now the patterns:

One-button cardigan: I really like the way it looks on the picture on page 17 (when the model is sitting down). But it's terribly unflattering on the other pics. I definitely don't need a cardigan that will make me look bigger, unfortunately.

Isis wrap: I'm still not sure what I think about wraps, shrugs, boleros and all these things that I can tell apart one from another. Sometimes I think I really need one to go over summer dresses, other times I don't like the way they look. I think the Isis wrap is pretty, but I don't like the way it ties up.

Summer Sundress: I love it. It's very pretty. I wouldn't make it though.

(I'm going to make a little pause here to say how much I dislike the bathing suits on page 27)

Bed and bath duo: I LOVE THIS! I think it's my favourite thing from the magazine!!! But it would take me a lifetime to make, so I'll just look at the pretty picture.

Two-tie striped cardigan: I think I would consider knitting this, but maybe in different colours.

Viennese Shrug: It doesn't do anything for me.

Padded footlet: I prefer real (longer) socks. They're cute though.

Sketchbook cover: Very pretty and original. I don't think I'll be making it but it would be a good way to use leftover yarn I think.

Polka-dot bag There are about one million bags I want to make and I don't like this one enough to add it to the list.

Lacy Kerchief Scarf: Nothing to say about it, really. It's ok I guess.

Triada Scarf: I really disliked it when I first saw it worn as a cowl on the picture, but I love the way it looks as a little caplet thing.

Acorn Camisole: I don't really like it but maybe if I saw it in another colour, I'd change my mind.

Fiery Bolero: I can't decide what I think of it.

Premiere Pullover: I like it, but it really doesn't look summery to me. It's cute though.

Buffalo Girl: I've never seen anyone wearing something like that in the summer. I know it can get cold in the evening, but I don't think I'd wear that.

Lace Lead Pullover: Definitely not a summer item! But I LOVE it!

Fan Clutch and Fun Fur Collar: So not my style

Sleek Ribs Tank: No opinion.

Dylan Goes Electric: I LOVE that sweater! Too bad I don't knit for men.

Shoulder Shrugs: I think I like the one by Mary Jane Mucklestone the best, but I can't say any of them screamed "Make me!" to me.

Go with the flow socks: IK has such lovely sock patterns! I really like them.

Baby Gifts: Cute but I don't knit for babies much.

Do you guys think that the shirt in the Elsebeth Lavold ad (p. 53) looks like a Clapotis shirt? I think it does!

Oh and where's the token IK model? She's not in this issue at all (save for the Crochet issue ad). I like her, I want her back! :p The red-head is absolutely gorgeous too though.

*When does something becomes a tradition? I guess doing something twice doesn't qualify as tradition, right? Oh well, let's say it's a tradition-to-be.


So, tomorrow's the Montreal knitting meetup. I'm so excited! I'm super shy in groups and it looks like many people know each other already and are experienced knitters. I hope I can fit it. And I have no idea what WIP to bring. Most of them are too big and I need to carry my gym clothes and stuff for work... hmmm. I'll probably end up bringing a sock that I just started.

I'm really looking forward to it.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Montreal Knits!

Yay, there's now a Montreal Knits community! Thanks to Jo for sharing the link. Of course I had to join right away and then I had a silly thought for a button:

Image hosted by

Since the Expos are gone, we might as well use the stadium for something ;)

Oh and if you check out the Montreal blog page, you'll see pics of the inside of my favourite LYS.


In other knitting news, I casted on a pair of socks, using the pattern on the fleece artist yarn that my Secret Pal sent. But I didn't use the gorgeous yarn, because I want to practice on another pair first.

I did, however, use the bamboo needles. My Secret Pal warned me that I could develop a bamboo addiction. And I gotta say that I really like to hold them in my hands. Hmmm...

Sunday, April 10, 2005


I have been on a knitting hiatus lately. It's not that I'm bored with knitting, I think I'm just bored with my current projects.

Clapotis is a lot of fun. But it does get repetitive when you're in section three. It is still my favourite current project though, and I'm hoping I can find better yarn for it for the next time (yes, there will definitely be a next time).

Then, there's Kyoto. The lovely Yarn Harlot put it best in her bookbookbook.
Everyone has one -- a knitting monstrosity.(...) What is a surprise is how long the knitter must have ignored the writing on the wall. To get a finished monstrosity, hours and hours of patient denial must be put in.
See, I know that Kyoto is going to be too big. I've known it for a long time. Did it stop me from going on? Noooo. Why? I don't know. I think the idea of frogging it was disgusting me more than the idea of having a much too big finished object. I'm still hoping it will fit my sister. But it's getting more and more difficult to finish it.

Last, there's a baby blanket that I'm making for my friend. Is there anything more boring to make than a baby blanket? I didn't think so.

Now there are a lot of projects that are appealing right now, but
a)Starting a new project means that it will take me even longer to finish the WIPs above.
b)Many of these future projects ask for yarn that I don't have. I just invested in a kick-ass new gym membership so I'm a bit low on funds. So no new yarn. At least I'll try :p

I do, however, have yarn for a few new projects that are really tempting. But my goal is to finish at least one of the current WIPs before I start a new one. We'll see how it goes.


Montrealers: If you're looking for the Yarn Harlot's book, there were 8 copies left when I bought mine at Indigo (on Ste-Catherine W) last Thursday. It's a very fun book, and Stephanie rocks (I'm addicted to her blog) so go get it! Of couse, you can also buy it here.

(And for the record, she didn't pay me to write this ;). We don't know each other.)


I kept the best part of this post for the end. I got a gift from my Secret Pal! Now I was looking at the Secret Pal homepage, and there are A LOT of participants. What were the chances of me getting the best Secret Pal ever? But I did! HA! Lucky me!

Image hosted by
So what do we have here? Let's see: A cute stuffed lamb, a cool little box of mints, a sheep pin, Clover bamboo DPNs (I've never had bamboo needles before!) and the most gorgeous sock yarn ever (with a sock pattern, woo!).

See what I meant when I said that I had other patterns that were appealing to me? I so want to knit socks right now. But I've only knitted one pair so far (not counting the millions of fuzzy feet I made last Christmas) so I think I'll use the pattern with another skein of (less gorgeous but nice nonetheless) sock yarn first, as practice, and then I'll knit with the new gorgeous yarn and enjoy every second of it. In the meantime, I think I'll spend every second of free time petting it.