Thursday, April 28, 2005

Sock Therapy

This week has been full of ups and downs.

But I've had some good news: I'm being sent to Paris for two weeks to help on a project there. I'm so happy, since travelling is my favourite thing in the world (yes, I do like it more than knitting, but only slightly ;) ). It's silly because I'll be working the whole time I'm there, long hours every day, so I won't even have time to visit anything much. But still. I'll be in Paris!

Now I'm trying to figure out what knitting project to bring. I'll be finished with sock #1 for sure, but my goal was not to start #2 until I have at least one of my other projects done (does a frogged project count? Because I think I'll frog my baby blanket soon). I think I'll bring sock #2 on the trip, but I need something else in case I finish it (hey, I will be there for two weeks). I don't want to bring my current WIPs. So what else? More socks, maybe? A shawl? I'd like to do a shawl. Or maybe a top. I like the ribbon top from the current Knitty. *ponders*


In other news, I've been depressed lately (what's new?). Suffering from big self-esteem/body image issues. I'm not gonna go into it here, as I'm trying to keep this mostly knitting-oriented (I use my Livejournal for the annoying whiny posts). But I realized that there is such a thing as knitting therapy. You can't be depressed while you're knitting purple socks. Try it, I dare you.

Image hosted by

It works.

(I know there is more blue than purple in the sock, but I tend to notice the purple more than any other colour).


Finally, in other news, the fabulous Lee Ann has a brand new blog. It's funny, it's witty, it's perfect... the only thing missing is a link to my blog really ;)

Speaking of links, I need to post my favourites in the menu of my own blog. Someday, I promise. For now, back to the sock therapy.


Maryellen said...

When I'sad or upset knitting and spinning really helps me too. I had a bad time during Thanksgiving and started a new sweater that really help be bring myself back to life.

Jo~ said...

WOW! You sure are doing great progress on your sock, especially for a 1st time knitting socks too. I do suggest casting on the 2nd sock asap to be sure to complete the pair. ;)

Congrats on your chance to go to Paris, sure you'll be working tons, I'm sure you'll try to stop by a yarn store anyway. ;)

p/s: I noticed your name in a certain subway publication yesterday, I was all happy, pointing to my mom, hey we've met HER! ;)

Lee Ann said...

Awwww, thank you, Caroline, for announcing that I have a blog and for saying such nice things about me...believe me, I have a list of blogs and links that are waiting for the developer to add them to the sidebar. I don't have access to the sidebar file...not easily, anyway :-) So when he finally gives me the file, I can add you, the Montreal knitting group, a bunch of other people too because I keep discovering really great blogs...

Hang in there with the depression stuff. I go through that too, and knitting something you really like definitely helps. The sock looks great!

Be gentle with yourself. :-)

caroline said...
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caroline said...

whoah! we have so many things in common! my name is caroline too AND my fave movie is Amelie. The odds! :) cool sock. purple is also my favourite colour.