Saturday, April 16, 2005

Montreal Knits!

Yay, there's now a Montreal Knits community! Thanks to Jo for sharing the link. Of course I had to join right away and then I had a silly thought for a button:

Image hosted by

Since the Expos are gone, we might as well use the stadium for something ;)

Oh and if you check out the Montreal blog page, you'll see pics of the inside of my favourite LYS.


In other knitting news, I casted on a pair of socks, using the pattern on the fleece artist yarn that my Secret Pal sent. But I didn't use the gorgeous yarn, because I want to practice on another pair first.

I did, however, use the bamboo needles. My Secret Pal warned me that I could develop a bamboo addiction. And I gotta say that I really like to hold them in my hands. Hmmm...

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Anonymous said...

Love your graphic for the Montreal group so I swiped it! ;) No worries it's on my server and all.