Saturday, August 14, 2010

My eggo is preggo


Thanks to everyone for your nice comments to my last post. It really touches me that you all care so much. :)

So yep, after 20 months of trying I am finally knocked up. I don't know how it happened... wait, I do know how it happened, I just don't know why it happened this time and not before. But of course I couldn't be happier.

I am due March 3rd and am currently 11 weeks and 2 days pregnant. OMG! We found out on June 25th, the same day that we signed all the papers for our new home. I'll never forget that day.

I think that I'm having a girl, my mom thinks I'm having a boy. I bet one of us is right. I really don't care either way. I think I'd be a good boy mom as I'm soooo not girly! ;) But knitting wise, I find cuter patterns for girls. Hehe. We should find out what's in there sometime in October.

Oh and now that I'm pregnant, be prepared to sometime read about boobies, morning sickness, stretch marks and all that fun stuff. I've been feeling nauseous since before I even found out I was pregnant, but it wasn't too bad... until last week. WTF? All my books tell me I'm supposed to start feeling better around 10 weeks and I get worse?

I am very exciting to start knitting for the little one but for some reason, I haven't cast on for anything yet. Everytime I want to, I convince myself that I should really try to finish my shawl first so I knit one row of it and it takes me forever and then I don't want to knit anymore. I think I'll start a blanket today, knit a bit on it and THEN go back to the shawl.

Oh also, I said last April that I would be on a yarn diet till the end of the year. When I made that decision, I told Chris that the only thing that would make me break that diet would be a pregnancy. Soooo... ;) I still haven't bought anything because I have yarn for the blanket and another baby project I want to start, but once we find out what we're having, I'll probably HAVE to buy some yarn. I'm sure I would have succeeded in my yarn diet if I hadn't gotten pregnant by the way... ;)

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Picture = 1000 words



Ps2/Sorry about the upside down pic

Ps3/Details later ;)

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Hmmmm yarn...

So, did you guys see the new Knit Picks yarn?

Seriously, Knit Picks, cashmere? How am I supposed to ever save money if you always come up with new ways to FORCE me to order? ;)

Capra Cashmere Yarn
Ok I know it's only 15% cashmere, but the other 85 % is merino which is yummy too. The colours are great too. I will definitely be ordering (no, not now) at least enough to make me a cute little scarf.

There are also some new colours in other yarns. I like the new City Tweed colours and there are some new yummy shades of the Stroll sock yarns too. And check out the new Palette! I love that yarn for mittens.


You know, I really need to actually start knitting again so I can justify buying all this new yarn.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

I know...


It's been a LONG LONG while since I last posted. A little more than a month actually! Crazy! I've been wanting to post but just never got around to it as I couldn't find anything I wanted to write about. It's silly because things have been happening.

I mean we just moved into our brand new home! And let me tell you, I love everything about it. It's huge compared to our last place. And I'm loving the new neighborhood. I don't leave as close to the metro as I used to (it used to be a 2 min. walk) but it still takes me pretty much the same amount of time to get to work. So all is good and we don't regret our choice.

The *only* bad thing about our home is that we can't get a signal for our cell phone whenever we're inside! Unless we are close to the window, in the living room. And even then, I sometime lose the signal. It sucks because we haven't had a home phone in years, we only just use our cell phones. We'll definitely have to get a home line now.

We also had two weeks of vacation following the move. We spent most of that time in our new place, settling in. It was fun and I would have taken many more weeks off. But I did have to go back to work two weeks ago. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Yesterday I spent the whole day at parc Jean-Drapeau for the Osheaga festival.


It was lots of fun. We saw K'Naan, Stars, The National, Pavement and my beloved Arcade Fire. It was great. Unfortunately, I started having a killer headache early in the evening. By the time Arcade Fire came on, I thought my head was going to explode. Still, I endured for about an hour but then we decided to leave during the last song of the main set. I don't regret it though as we were able to catch the metro right away. My friend who stayed until the end said it was crazy to wait for the metro after the show.

Chris had a media pass for the festival so he went again today. I wish I could have gone but I'm still not feeling too well plus it's a bit on the expensive side. Today had Metric and Weezer. I would have loved to see them.

Oh and I know this is a knitting blog, but I think I must have knit something like three rows (three LONG rows) of my shawl in the past month. I'm really itching to start new project, but I know if I stop knitting the shawl, I'll never finish it. I really need to try and knit at least a little bit every night so I can hopefully finish it in the next month or so.

Did you guys see the new Twist Collective? It's so nice!

I absolutely adore Red Oak but I don't see myself ever making it. I can't wait to see some FOs of it though. I also like Peregrine, but I'm afraid it'd give me too much cleavage (I'm heavy on the boobie front, if you know what I mean).

I queued Lallans, Gwendolyn (I'd make it without the green border though), Anthera (I especially like the cowl) and Twinflower.

Ok I'll try to write again before the end of the month ;)