Saturday, August 07, 2010

Hmmmm yarn...

So, did you guys see the new Knit Picks yarn?

Seriously, Knit Picks, cashmere? How am I supposed to ever save money if you always come up with new ways to FORCE me to order? ;)

Capra Cashmere Yarn
Ok I know it's only 15% cashmere, but the other 85 % is merino which is yummy too. The colours are great too. I will definitely be ordering (no, not now) at least enough to make me a cute little scarf.

There are also some new colours in other yarns. I like the new City Tweed colours and there are some new yummy shades of the Stroll sock yarns too. And check out the new Palette! I love that yarn for mittens.


You know, I really need to actually start knitting again so I can justify buying all this new yarn.

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Chantal B said...

Et en plus... pas cher du tout. Ben oui, laisse-toi tenter!! C'est pas une grosse folie considérant que 2 balles = plus de 15 heures au moins de plaisir...c'est quoi, 1$ l'heure? Non, mais j'ai-ti une petite commande à passer moi-là?? lol!