Friday, February 29, 2008

Little birdie

I am definitely out of my knitting funk, thank God! I've actually been knitting quite a bit this past week. I'm starting the new job on Monday and I'll have lots of hours (I'm already scheduled full time next week) so I took advantage of the free time I had this week.

I finished the first Cable Net sock! I'm very happy with how it turned out. I would post a picture but I can't get the details to show well so it just looks like a plain old green sock. I'll try another day when the light is better.

I loved knitting the sock but it was a lot of work. So I'm taking a Cable Net break before I start sock #2. I casted on for Kate Gilbert's Bird in Hand mittens. I absolutely LOVE this pattern. It's a pretty quick knit so far and it's just a lot of fun, though I really hated doing the braid. Here's where I am:


I can't wait till I finish them. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to wear them this year. March may be starting tomorrow, spring is not here yet! They are going to be super comfy and I love the yarn I'm using (Frog Tree Alpaca). So soft!

Knitting these mittens made me want to knit a million more. And Aemmeleia just relased her Icewine Mittens as a free download. Coincidence? I don't think so. I love them and I want to make them too!

I've also been slowly working on my Woven Cables scarf. It's going slowly but I still love it. It's a very easy knit, perfect for TV watching.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Go Habs Go!

I was lucky enough to be at the Bell Center last night for the Habs' victory against the Rangers. It was the most amazing game I had ever seen, though it did NOT start well. We were actually losing 0-5 by the middle of the second period! After the second period, it was 2-5, which made me feel better, but I did consider leaving early. I'm so glad I didn't! The Habs scored three goals in the third period and Saku Koivu (aka Robyn's boyfriend) scored the winning goal in the shootout. The crowd went wild! I'm so glad I was actually there to see the win!!!

But this is a knitting blog and not a hockey blog, so here are some knitting news for the Montrealers out there. Mouliné is having a big spring sale! Some of the yarn is 60% off! I have to resist though. My yarn closet is starting to get full, I just got new yarn and I still have some gift certificates to Effiloché.

I forgot to mention in my last post that I got the Spring Interweave Knits. There are mixed reviews online, but personally, I think it's a great issue. I think the Auburn Camp Shirt, the Flutter sleeve cardigan, the Mirabella cardigan and the Printed Silk Cardigan are absolutely cute. The socks are in my queue. And I also like the Fountain Hat though I'm not sure it would look good on me. What do you guys think about it?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Yummy yarn

Last weekend, Ariadne had its Valentine Day Massacre Open House Party. Unfortunately, I was working on Saturday night so I couldn't go to the big party, but I did stop by yesterday and had a lot of fun.

I got to see again the beautiful Bird in hand mitten made by Molly Ann.


I decided I wanted to make a pair exactly like that (they are so soft, warm and comfy!). I bought the yarn and this morning I got the pattern as a "I got a new job, yay" gift.

Ariadne had a little yarn tasting in the afternoon. I got to bring home a few samples and I'll knit little swatches to see how they knit up. I'm especially interested in how the tweedy yarn softens up when knit and washed because I find the sample a little bit rough. Oh, do you want pictures?




I spent the afternoon knitting on one of the store's couches. I took the Woven Cables scarf out of hibernation and I actually enjoyed working on it. I don't know why I hadn't touched it in weeks. Muswell enjoyed knitting it too:


Thanks to everyone who congratulated me on the new job. There is one very bad thing about it though: I will probably be working every Wednesday and Thursday nights, which means no more Knit nights. I'll probably try to go to the Sunday afternoon meetups. That being said, if any of you are free to knit during the day and want to meet up somewhere, drop me an email: amarillys at hotmail.

I actually have to give my two weeks notice and I'm a little bit nervous. I feel bad for quiting after only three months, but I'm not leaving because I'm unhappy, I'm leaving because I got an offer that was too good to refuse. I hope my boss will understand.

In other news, the Habs are playing against the Rangers tomorrow night and I will be there! Robyn, maybe I'll see you! :)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The things you do...

A few days ago, I received an email from Veronik titled "Too much yarn". I was sure it was a joke email... how can someone have too much yarn?

Well some people do! Veronik wanted to get rid of some yarn and she asked if I could help her. Of course I said yes, cause I'm nice like that. It was a difficult task, but I managed to help her with this burden. :P

I stopped by her house yesterday afternoon and I had a lovely time picking yarn with Angela. I came home with this:


Yay! Free yarn! My favourite thing is this:


It's 100% wool and it's such a pretty colour. I have enough for a vest and Angela suggested the Gilmore vest. I really like it so I think we have a winner. Here's a closeup of the yarn again, just because I like it so much:


I also got a bag of cotton-linen, that I think is really pretty:


I have nine balls of it, if I remember correctly, but I'm not sure what the yardage is. I'd like to make me a summer top, but I'll have to try to figure out how much there is in one ball first. Or maybe I could make a cute baby outfit. We'll see.

I also have a huge cone of navy wool. I need to find a project for that too. The rest are just pretty balls of yarn that I just had to take home with me. Thank you so much Veronik, you're a very generous person! :)


In other (off-topic) news: it looks like I'm going to switch jobs again. I wasn't looking for a new job, but I got an offer that was just too good to refuse! It's going to be great to have more money (I'm still not rich, but I definitely won't have to count every penny anymore).


To get back on-topic : I haven't been posting my WIPs lately mostly because I've gotten bored with them. My woven scarf has been put aside, probably until next Fall. I still like it, I just don't feel like knitting a scarf right now.

I'm frustrated with my socks. I've turned the heel and I'm not sure I get the next part. I was probably just tired when I read the instruction and I'll get back to it soon.

I started the Cardigan for Merry but I only have a few rows done. I'll probably post a pic soon.

Thursday, February 07, 2008


Every year, I lose a hat. This year, so far, I've been lucky. But I have lost my mittens. My cute and warm pink angora mittens. *cries* I'm not 100% convinced they're totally lost, I think they could still be in the house, but I can't find them.

But just when I thought that I should cast on for a new pair, Knitting Daily releases the White Witch Mitts pattern.


I am totally, 100%, in love and I want a pair NOW.