Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yay, package!

Receiving a package is always fun, and I got a brand new one from Knitpicks today. Remember my winter blues shopping? You will see that I have been very reasonnable. This is what I ordered:


I got new size 7 (4.5mm) tips for my Options set. All my other tips are metal, but I thought I'd try the wood to see if I like it. The colour is funny, but I like them. I also got some wood DPNs (2.25 mm, which is the size I use most of the time for socks).

I also got volume 2 (cables) of Vogue' stitchionary. Just because. (I already had volume 1 btw).

Last, I got two skeins of Cadena, in Mist. I want to use it to make Bella's mittens, from the Twilight movie! Because, yes, I too have fallen in love with that story. The books are like crack and I just couldn't stop reading them. I finished the last one, Breaking Dawn, last night and I'm now kind of sad that I don't have any more to read now. But I do love the mittens and I will make them. I will most likely only need one skein, but I didn't want to run out so I ordered two.

That's all for today. Expect a FO post soon (I'm almost done with the socks). Toodles!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Goal #3! Hat trick completed!

Short Row Hat (January)

We have a hat trick, ladies and gentlemen! Three hats finished in January and I'd still have time for a fourth one (I think I'll stop at three though).

Short Row Hat (January)

Pattern: Short-Row Hat by Veronik Avery.
Yarn: AmiAmi Faith
Needles: 4mm, US6

I love the hat. Love. But I'm a bit sad because I've used my last skein of AmiAmi Faith. I love that yarn and it's not available anymore (as far as I know, someone correct me if I'm wrong). I'm telling you, if anyone has some skeins of this in their stash, I would be ready to buy or trade for it. I love it that much. This is my fourth Short-Row Hat and they always look gorgeous.

I think I'm suffering from the winter blues again. It happens every winter, but it usually starts at the end of February/beginning of March. It sucks, but I'll manage.

To make me feel better, I decided to shop (of course). I hadn't ordered from Knitpick in a while (I try to buy locally when I can), but I needed some new size 7 tips for my Options set. While I was there, I got new DPNs, a book and a bit of yarn. It should be here any day now. More details (and pics) when I get it!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Two goals for me, two goals for him

ZigZag Beanie (January)

Pattern: Zig Zag Beanie, by Dawn Leeseman (IK, Fall 2008)
Yarn: Some acrylic leftover... Bernat satin I think.
Needles: US 8/5 mm and US 9/5.5 mm circulars, US 9/5.5 mm DPNs
Modifications: I cast on for 90 sts instead of 80 because 80 looked too small and I didn't want to change needle size. I followed the rest of the instructions as is and improvised a bit for the decrease.

So this was HAT #2 for the Hat trick knitalong. Only one left! I'm wearing my Habs jersey on the pic because we had tickets to see the Habs play against the Capitals at the Bell Centre tonight. Once again, I was lucky to see a fantastic game. We won 5-4, the game was very exciting (Sergei Kostitsyn scored the winning goal 20 seconds before the end of the game!) and my man, Tomas Plekanec, scored 2 goals and was named first star of the game!


Now I need to choose a new pattern for hat #3!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

She shoots, she scores!

Madge (January)

I scored the first goal of my hat trick this afternoon, while watching the Habs play against the Panthers (we're ahead 5-3 right now). I would have finished it last night during the Canada-Russia game (what a game too!), but I didn't have the right DPNs.

Madge (January)

Pattern: Madge by Jillian Moreno
Yarn: Classic Elite Yarns Desert, colour 2027
Needles: US9/5.5 mm circulars and DPNs
Modifications: The hat would have been way way way too short if I had knit it as is. After I finished the 19 rows of the pattern, I knit rows 1-10 again before starting the decreases.

Now I need to decide what my goal #2 will be. Stay tuned!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Hat trick!

Is there anything more fun than starting the new year with a challenge? I'm not taking any resolution this year, but I am participating in the HAT TRICK challenge with members of the Puck this! group on Ravelry.

The goal is to do a hat trick, i.e. to knit three hats, during the month of January. Details here. I was already planning on knitting hats to destash this winter so this is the perfect challenge for me.

I started tonight by casting on for Madge (too bad the Habs lost while I was knitting) and I'm confident I'll finish it during the next couple of days. It's a pretty quick knit. Pictures coming up soon!