Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yay, package!

Receiving a package is always fun, and I got a brand new one from Knitpicks today. Remember my winter blues shopping? You will see that I have been very reasonnable. This is what I ordered:


I got new size 7 (4.5mm) tips for my Options set. All my other tips are metal, but I thought I'd try the wood to see if I like it. The colour is funny, but I like them. I also got some wood DPNs (2.25 mm, which is the size I use most of the time for socks).

I also got volume 2 (cables) of Vogue' stitchionary. Just because. (I already had volume 1 btw).

Last, I got two skeins of Cadena, in Mist. I want to use it to make Bella's mittens, from the Twilight movie! Because, yes, I too have fallen in love with that story. The books are like crack and I just couldn't stop reading them. I finished the last one, Breaking Dawn, last night and I'm now kind of sad that I don't have any more to read now. But I do love the mittens and I will make them. I will most likely only need one skein, but I didn't want to run out so I ordered two.

That's all for today. Expect a FO post soon (I'm almost done with the socks). Toodles!


Angela said...

Is the thicker needles or the thinner needles easier to learn on?

Tara said...

I was sad when it was over too! You could always read Midnight Sun, which is Twilight from Edward's perspective...

Anonymous said...

Wow those mittens are gorgeous! I never saw the movie (or read the books) but I had to add them to my queue!