Friday, June 28, 2013

Christmas in June

So if you hadn't noticed, I sort of lost my knitting mojo since giving birth... to my first son! I haven't knit much these past couple of years. I miss it, but I don't have the time or energy.

But I seem to have found the mojo back a couple of days ago and then I had a grand idea: I'll be knitting Christmas gifts this year! Yes, yes, it's June and I'm thinking about Christmas. I'm a slow knitter, mmmkay?

So I made a list, because I do love lists, and now I'm excited about knitting again.

Here's the plan:

-Socks for my sister, my mom, my stepdad and my boyfriend
-Hats for the boys
-Sweater for the boys
-Stocking for my godson
-Hat and mittens set for my sister

Now will I really manage to do all this? Ha! I'll be happy if I do half. But it's fun to try and have a goal. And I do, definitely, want to make the hats for the boys. I want to start a new tradition of knitting them hats every Christmas.

Oh and did I mention one of my best friends is having a baby in November? Yeah, so add "something baby" to my list of things to make. I hope she'll have a girl!