Friday, December 10, 2004

But I'm not *ready* for Christmas!

I'm way too busy! First, I want to thank everyone for the nice happy b-day wishes. The day was uneventful, but it's ok. At 27, you don't need your birthday to be highly celebrated, right? Right.

I went to a craft show today and I got a beautiful ring and a necklace. I also realized just how much some people are willing to pay for knitted items. Don't get me wrong, I think handknitted items are worth a lot. BUT I was surprised to see a knitted sweater priced at 595$ and scarves that I could have made myself priced at 75$. Wow. You know, I should bring my family and friends to the show and show them the prices. Then they'd be even happier when I give them knitted gifts ;)

I got home to find a second gift from my Secret Pal (who, I know now, is Joy!).

Two skeins of Caron Jewel Box, some sock-shaped point protector, nice beads, lovely flower-shaped buttons, a mini photo album and a day planner. My pal is great! And my other pal, Babette, has received what I sent her so all is good. I really liked participating in this thing.

I'm going to end this by telling you all, millions of readers, about a few blogs that I like to read. I will eventually add them to my menu bar on the right. Yeah, tomorrow I'll do that (says the queen of procrastination).

An Adequate Knitter -- home of the lovely Julie

Tiara Knits -- Lovely mod of the Knit and Bitch forum (if you ever need a co-mod... you know...) ;)

Jo~Knits! -- She may not know it, but I really am a fan.

Yarn Harlot -- I call her the mitten goddess in my mind

I'm getting more and more addicted to blog reading. I'll be adding more for sure.


Marla Tiara said...

Yay! Blogging is SO much fun. Thanks for the shoutout - you're on my links list!

Anonymous said...

I'm blushing! Thanks for including my blog to your like-to-read list! ;)