Friday, December 31, 2004

See you in 2005, sweater!

Today is a very sad day. The day I must put the sweater aside, despite the fact that it's almost done. Yes, I could have finished it today but I ran out of yarn. *cries*

I only have a few rows left on the sleeves (I'm doing both at the same time) + the seaming and the crochet edge at the collar. But nooooooo, I can't finish because I am short on yarn. Stupid stupid stupid. I will go to the LYS and hope/pray that they have a ball left of the same colour. I remember that there wasn't much of it left (and it was on sale, which means that they may not order any more). I can't remember if I took all that was left or not. Poo.


To finish the year on a good note, I will say that I'm in love with many patterns from this site: White Lies Design. I mean, isn't Heather just exquisite?

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