Sunday, January 02, 2005


I spontaneously ordered a set of Denise needles last Friday, after seeing a post on Knitter's review that said that prices will go up after January first. I figured a 5US$ increase would mean something like 8$ more for me with the exchange rate. So I got a set for 39.99 + shipping. Not too bad right? I've been wanting a set forever but can't find them anywhere here so I had to go online.


Even though I'm not even done with my first sweater yet (will be by next weekend if I can find the yarn to finish it, I promise!), I've already decided that Klaralund will be my second one. Problem is, Noro Silk Garden is expensive. I will buy it from Mouliné Yarn (a LYS in Montreal) but I need 400g of it (8 skeins, I believe). I can't remember how much a skein goes for at that store. I am thinking of two options right now. Either I go buy three skeins this week (I get paid on Thursday), three more skeins in two weeks and the two last two weeks after that. OR, I put money in my piggy bank this week, more money in two weeks and more money two weeks after that and I buy the yarn when I have enough for everything. The first options allows me to start right after I finish To Dye For. The second options means I'll be sure to have the same dyelot. But I think it wouldn't matter that much with Silk Garden since the colours change anyways? What do you all think? I'd prefer to start as soon as possible because I'd like to be able to wear it before winter ends ;)


I will end with a picture of the silk garden beanie I made:

I usually don't even wear green, but I really like this hat. I'm currently making a second one with the leftover yarn from my Harry Potter scarf.

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ShadowStitch said...

Some people find this site cheaper - it's cheaper for me with Silk Garden going for US$10.95/sk in stores here.
You got a bargain for the Denise set!! I just bought mine last week for US $49.00, and that's before the price hike!