Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Quick update before work

I want to thank you all for your good thoughts and encouragements concerning my mother. The doctors think that she has basilar migraines, a rare form of migraine that usually affects teenage girls (I kept telling my mom that she looks so young she gets teenage disorders).

BASILAR MIGRAINE - A form of complicated migraine headache that is characterized by the addition of bilateral visual symptoms, paresthesias, confusion, stupor, rarely coma, aggressive outbursts, slurred speech, double, vision, and vertigo. Alternating hemiplegias (one-sided weakness) have also been attributed to basilar migraine. May also exist with only some of the aforementioned symptoms as a "partial basilar syndrome."

She is doing better now but she still has lots of trouble sleeping and she barely eats. She got out of the hospital yesterday. I'm still worried, but I'm also relieved that she doesn't have a tumor or something like that.

I spent last Thursday through Sunday with her in the hospital. I almost finished my first sock while she was sleeping and got to talk to a knitter who was visiting her husband.

Concerning the TSUNAMI RELIEF CHALLENGE, you have until tonight, midnight (Montreal time) to send me an email with the amount of your donation. I will most likely draw the name of the winner tomorrow as I had planned (maybe even at midnight tonight if I'm still up). Good luck!

There will probably be a new post with pictures sometimes soon.

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