Saturday, January 22, 2005


No, not me, I'm very far from being pregnant actually. But my friend is! Yay! I'm not suuuuuuuuuuuper close to her, we mostly keep in touch by email. But still, of course I want to knit her something.

I found some cute yarn in a perfect baby-whose-gender-is-not-yet-determined colour. And now I want to make a baby blanket. I think. The question is: what pattern should I use?

There was a cute (free) pattern close to the yarn in the store (Wal-Mart) so I took it. But unfortunately, it was crochet. Damn! I don't get crochet, unfortunately. I've tried, and I will try again. But I'm not sure I'll be able to crochet an intermediate crochet pattern before her due date.

So anyways, that's where you all come into play. If you have a favourite baby blanket pattern, let me know what it is! I don't mind paying for a pattern, but I'd rather not have to buy a whole book. I'm still not sure how many people are actually reading this blog, but hopefully I'll get a few suggestions. Oh and even if you don't have a suggestion, please post a comment just so I know you're reading :)


The Orphan Sock or Caroline will never learn

Months ago, I spontaneously bought this skein of Bernat Sox in purple-blue-green-pink. There was a sock pattern on the label and it said that one skein was enough for a pair. Being a beginner (still am really), I thought it was cool and bought the yarn.

Of course, I then realized that the pattern on the label was for kids sock. I don't have a kid and I'm selfish so I wanted the socks for myself. But it was clear that I'd need more than a skein for a pair of adult socks.

"No problem, I'll buy another skein sometime later", I thought and went on my merry way, knitting other stuff (mostly fuzzy feet for loved ones). Then a few weeks ago, I decided to knit socks and I picked up the Bernat.

The sock is BEAUTIFUL! I love it. Even though it's acrylic, it's very warm. I can't wait to make myself a pair in wool, it will be sooooooo warm. Anyways. But while the sock is nice, I soon realized that two would be better. So I went to Zellers, where I had bought that first skein. Bernat Sox yarn extravaganza! They had every possible colour... except the purple-blue-green-pink. Of course. Today I went to Wal-Mart. Lots of Bernat chunky, Bernat cotton, Bernat satin. No Bernat sox. Poo.

Now I may be able to find the yarn in another Zellers or in a Wal-Mart in Montreal, who knows? But if I don't, the sock will remain an orphan, which would suck (pun totally intended).


Mommy wants to learn how to knit

My mom got out of the hospital last Tuesday, but she won't be going back to work until the end of February, at the earliest. She sleeps a lot, but she also has lots of free time (especially since we're all spoiling her to death and doing all the chores... of course she totally deserves it). So last night she asked me if I could show her how to knit! Yay! She bought some chunky yarn and size 10½ needles today and I tried to teach her. Things I realized:

1. I'm a lousy teacher
2. Just because knitting was easy to learn for me doesn't mean it's easy for everyone (though that may be due to #1)
3. Having taught myself how to knit with English books and websites, I don't know the French terminology at all.

That being said, she managed to do a few rows of her scarf, but she won't hold her needles like I do even if I keep on showing it to her again and again. Oh well. Whatever makes you comfortable I guess.

She ended up telling me that she was much better at crochet. I asked her to show me and guess what? She's as bad a teacher as I am! :p Or maybe we're both very poor students ;)


I want to change the name of this blog. Caroline's Knitting Adventures is just this silly name I thought of when I registered. I want something shorter so I could make buttons. I like things like Jo Knits but I'm not a copycat so I won't use Caro Knits ;) If anyone has an idea, let me know.


Anonymous said...

Well don't forget about the famous Wendy Knits! LOL! ;) I just went with a simple easy to remember and short name.

Keeping your mom in my thoughts! :)

Orris said...

I'm using the blanket pattern from SnB. Aside from making sure the seed stitch doesn't become ribbing, it's insanely easy, looks great. I'm using an aran weight yarn called Denim.

Joni said...

Ha ha ha! I came up with the name of my blog (Planet Joni) when I was 9 months pregnant and I think it's too late now. Actually, I think the name of your blog is great. It certainly implies enthusiasm.

Congrats to your friend. I'm personally fond of the Feather and Fan pattern and it can be found free online I'm sure. It's also known as Old Shale, and is a family staple on DH's side; his great-aunts used it on everything.

Anonymous said...

I was given Fiber Trends Easy Knit Baby Blankets Collection 2. Cute blankets with hearts on them and two other lace patterns.

If you want it, it's yours! A thank you for you....


newfie said...
.. this is a pattern i'm planning on using for a baby blanket for a friend of mine