Monday, January 03, 2005

My little part...

Ok I am completely stealing this idea from the wonderful Stephanie. I encourage you to check out her January 3rd post and to participate. Her mittens are fabulous. :)

Stephanie if you read this, I hope you don't mind that I'm stealing your words.

This is the "Tsunami relief challenge". For one week do this:

1. Each and every time you think about buying something...ask yourself if it is a need (food, water, shelter, medicine or safety) or a want. Be honest. Yarn is not (sob) necessary. Latte's are not necessary. A seventh pair of shoes? Fabulous pair of new jeans? Eating out? Could you skip a haircut? Search yourself and ask, do I need this, or would the money be better spent on someone whose home, or village...or children, were just completely swept away.

2. At the end of the week (or sooner...if you don't need that much time to think about it) Donate the amount of money that you didn't need to an organization that helps the people affected by the tsunami. There should be no reason why every single person who reads this blog can't find at least a dollar.

MSF Canada (Doctors without borders)
MSF International
Canadian Red Cross
American Red Cross
International Red Cross
Oxfam Canada
Oxfam America
Oxfam International

3. After you donate, email me the amount of your donation (, your name and email. PLEASE WRITE "Tsunami Relief Challenge" AS THE SUBJECT LINE TO MAKE SURE I DON'T ACCIDENTALLY DELETE YOUR EMAIL. I don't care how much your donation is and I don't need any proof that you made the donation. (I believe that that planet would smite you for lying about this sort of thing) I'd like to know the amount that you gave only so I can keep a running tally in the sidebar. I'll know that whatever you give is your best effort, given your unique circumstances.

4. On January 20 (Canadians, please remember that the Canadian government will match donations until January 11), I will take the names of everyone who has given something, I'll randomly draw a name and I'll mail the winner a prize. Unfortunately, I don't have the skills to make wonderful mittens like Stephanie, but I will give you materials so that you can make yourself a little something:

Yes, I am giving away my beloved Noro Kureyon. *breathes* I adore that yarn and I hope one of you wonderful people who will donate will adore it too. It is colour 148. And three skeins are enough for a booga bag. Booga bags are cool. So donate and tell me about it! :)


abby said...

i gave to oxfam! :) (i just didn't have a blogger blog so that i could comment - but now i do!)

my regular knitting blog:

abby said...

and today I gave to Doctors without borders. What can I say - I'm a giving fiend!!