Friday, September 07, 2007

I was tempted and now I'm tempting YOU!

I've been purchase-happy lately, despite the fact that I don't really need more sock yarn. I don't have a ton, far from it, but I have enough for the next 3-4 sock projects I have in mind and that should be enough for me (yeah right).

First, I joined Robyn's sock club for October. I had missed out in September, unfortunately. It includes yarn, stitch markers and a pattern. I hope I'll like it!

That same Robyn also posted a pic of the socks she's making for her husband and I really liked them. Very simple and classic. The pattern is from a booklet. I checked on Ravelry and they had a pic of another sock that I liked from that booklet. So I checked out the whole thing on Ariadne (because I knew they were carrying it) and I realized I liked most of the patterns. And they are all designed by Veronik Avery and Mona Schmidt. So I bought. And if I'm going to buy a sock pattern booklet, I'm going to buy sock yarn. Duh! I checked out the yarn the booklet called for (Reynold Soft Sea Wool). It looks beautiful and it's not very expensive. So I bought some in Olive. I would have bought more but I want to try it first. Finally, I bought my first skeins of Lorna's Lace. It's about time I try it. The colour is Mixed Berries (I had a really hard time choosing).

So yeah. Yummy yarn goodness is on my way (or not. I chose the pick-up option instead of delivery). And my Secret Pal emailed and said there's a package coming my way soon. Oooh goodies!

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