Sunday, September 09, 2007

Weekly WIP Report

Hello all! Before I talk about the knitting stuff, let me tell you I've had a very painful weekend. Last Wednesday, I began to feel pain in my right shoulder. A few hours later, the pain went up to my neck and down to my arm. Thursday, the pain was still there. Friday too, worst than ever. Saturday, I finally decided to go see a doctor. It looks like it's a pinched nerve. He prescribed some pain killers and something that "relaxes" my muscles. Unfortunately, it also makes me want to sleep real bad. I can tell you work was no fun today!

Because of that, I knit a little bit less than usual (though I don't think the pain is knitting-related). But I still got some knitting done. I have close to 12 inches done on the second tube of the Woven Trellis scarf and my Shedir hat is a little bit bigger.

I also cast on for Marina Piccola and knit one full pattern repeat:

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I'm using Fleece Artist merino (LOVE!!!). The pattern is great too, though I kept on making stupid mistakes at first. I really hope I can finish them before the end of the month, for the Sock a Month knitalong. We'll see.


Knitting Mama said...

That's a gorgeous color! Yum!

See you Saturday. bring knitting of course!

Dipsy said...

The Marina Piccola is such a beautiful sock pattern (with an awesome name of course!) - and your version of it is going to look awesome with that gorgeous colourway you're using! Looking forward to seeing more of it!
I'm so sorry that you've been in so much pain lately - all the very best to you, hopefully everything will be okay soon!