Thursday, September 16, 2010

Where do I start?


Yet another month has passed. I'm sorry I'm not posting more, things are really crazy right now.

You know, I had always imagined that when I'd get pregnant, I would go crazy knitting all sorts of cute things for babies. I'd imagine the blankets, the wee sweaters, the booties.

But now I'm pregnant and... nothing. I've lost my knitting mojo before, but I don't remember it ever being as bad. The weird thing is that I still love looking at projects and yarns, I just don't feel like knitting. I work on a row of a baby blanket once in a while, but that's it. I haven't touched my Icarus shawl in forever and I *really* should try to finish it because it has these beautiful fall colours that would be wonderful right now.

I'm taking a finishing class at Ariadne starting next week and I hope actually being in a yarn store will make me want to knit again. Right now I should be working on a few swatches for the class, but meh...

When I got pregnant, I also promised myself this blog would not become a pregnancy blog, but it really is the most interesting thing happening in my life right now. So...



Meet my little peanut! It's actually my 12 week ultrasound and I'm 16 weeks now. Sorry about the delay! We should know if it's a boy or a girl on October 12. Feel free to take a guess!


Maryse said...

I've lost my knitting mojo before and all I can tell you is that it will only come back stronger!

Have a good pregnancy! This is such a miracle!

Tara said...

Pssst!: maybe you just don't feel like knitting baby stuff (which is TOTALLY fine). I concur with Maryse, it really IS a miracle. Enjoy it :)

kate-the-enabler said...

I'm in complete agreement with the miracle crew. It's wonderful. I suggest that you don't spend any of your precious time worrying that you 'should' be doing anything (aside from eating well and getting lots of rest :) ) - if you want to knit? Knit. If not? Don't. Blog? When you feel like it. Just really savor the pregnancy.... :)
I'm thinking you're having a girl.
(If you DO want to do a KP order in Oct when you know who you are expecting...I'd love to share an order with you..)

Knit and Purl Mama said...

That's so awesome you're 16 weeks already! I'm 26 weeks tomorrow and I also have lack of knitting mojo. It's still there my knitting, just I'm always soooo tired... you know? :(

You'll get your mojo back!

Enjoy Mona's class - I surely did when I took it!

Can't wait to find out if you're having a boy or girl! My next U/S is on the 12th too! xo

Anonymous said...

Not quite sure what to look at in the blob-o-ultrasound here. It kinda looks like the babe has the limbs all splayed out like it is doing "jazz hands" or something. As it is past 10/12/10, I know you are having a boy - my original guess was a girl. Oh well. Have a happy, healthy pregnancy and don't worry about the knitting mojo. You'll get it back when you need to have it back.