Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hello, I'm still alive!

I haven't posted in quite some time because I haven't had anything interesting to post about (also, I'm very busy with work).

Mariah is still zipper-less. And Kiri is kicking my ass. I realized that the spine wasn't aligned correctly and decided to start over again. I'll call it the shawl of perseverence. The most annoying thing is that it's actually an easy pattern but I can't seem to make it work. Needless to say, I won't finish it by the end of August and I WILL start something else before it's done.

I've gotten bored with the Jaywalkers after I turned the heel. I realized they're going to be too big for me so I'll give them to my mom, probably for Christmas. Even though I had told myself I wouldn't knit any gifts this year, I'm beginning to feel the itch to start making things for people. Oh well.

I bought yarn from Knitpicks to make another cardigan, this time from an old issue of Family Circle. I can't find a pic of the original sweater online, but I found one that someone made on this blog. Funny, it looks like the colour I ordered (I got Wool of the Andes in Blueberry). I also ordered some of the Knitpicks needles, some sock yarn that was on sale as well as a bunch of colour cards (I was especially happy to see they had a Wool of the Andes colour card back in stock as I plan to order it often).

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