Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I want to drown in sock yarn

I've been in a weird kind of knitting mood these past couple of days (any non-knitter who accidentally stumbled upon my blog probably just left after reading that first sentence).

When I finished my Froot Loop socks, I thought it would be a good idea to work on an UFO so I picked up my Montego Bay scarf, which is a great project for summer knitting since the silk is so light. BUT... I'm just not feeling it. I think the yarn is pretty, but I'm not liking the scarf too much. Granted, I only have a little more than a foot done, and I do think it has the potential to become a very pretty scarf, so I don't want to frog it. But meh. I'm on vacation, I should knit whatever I want!

Problem is, I don't know what I want! I'm really looking forward to the September challenge in the Sock Knitters Anonymous group (Nancy Bush mystery sock!!!), but we're not September yet and I still haven't received my yellow sock yarn (it was sent on Monday so hopefully I'll have it soon). I almost bought a beautiful skein of Tanis Fiber Art in yellow the other day, but I figured I'd wait for what I ordered.

I finally cast on for a pair of Merletto mitts, using homespun yarn that I got as a gift. Let's just say that after a lot of frustration (and yarn that kept on breaking and breaking), I ended up throwing the yarn in the trash. Yeah, I know, I'm bad, I threw away yarn...

After that, I decided I'd knit a pair of plain vanilla socks and I thought it would be cool to use the 2 socks on 2 circs method. I've tried it before, thanks to Karine who helped me figure out how to cast on. Unfortunately, that was a couple of years ago and last night, I just couldn't do it, even though I had the instructions in front of me. It was very frustrating. I ended up casting on using DPNs, but after a few rows, I realized they'd be too small so I frogged. I'll start again later today and *maybe* I will try the 2 socks on 2 circs method again, who knows. I'm using this btw:


I also want to start the Shifting sands scarf (that may or may not become a Christmas gift for my mom) and a pair of Postwar mittens soon.

Oh and I bought Cookie A.'s book!

sock innovation

OMG. I seriously want to knit every single pair of socks in that book. They're just beautiful. I bought it just before watching Julie & Julia, and it really made me want to start a project of knitting all the socks in the book in a year. But then I thought I'm participating in enough challenges as it is. But I do want to knit socks from the book soon.

I'm feeling chatty today. I think this is my longest post ever (ok maybe not, but it feels long. I hope I'm not boring anyone).

When I decided to use DPNs for my plain vanilla socks last night, I thought it would be a good thing to try my Harmony DPNs, since I hadn't had the chance to try them yet. Well guess what? I couldn't find them! I looked everywhere and they are nowhere to be found. I'm so pissed!

But I went through my modest stash while looking for them and it made me realize that I really have a lot of yarn that I'll just never use. Mostly acrylic that I got when I was a brand new knitter. Now I already have a plan to go through my closet sometime next week and get rid of everything that doesn't fit and that I don't like. And I decided I'll do the same with the stash. I don't have much, so it won't be a lot, but it'll be nice to get rid of some stuff that just take some space and that just end up making me feel guilty. We are giving everything to Le chaînon by the way, so we're not trashing anything.

Of course, giving yarn aways means that I'll have some room in my stash... ;) I was on Knitpicks earlier and thought I really should replace those Harmony needles. And then, last thing I knew, some sock yarn jumped in my cart, as well as some Palette yarn for mittens... Eeek! I haven't bought anything yet, it's just all there, sitting in my cart, tempting me. I really do need solid yarn for all the socks I plan to knit, you know...

(Expect a yarn porn post in the next couple of weeks...)


Tara said...

I think knitting every pair of sock in there in a year would be a great idea! Or maybe, I don't know... Knitting a swatch of every pattern in one of Barbara Walker's books in a year (but I think that's been done already).

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I want to knit every single pair of socks in Cookie A's book too. Her parents are just simply gorgeous.

Sorry to hear that your DPNs went missing. That's too bad. Hopefully they'll turn up in the end.

I know what you mean about cleaning up the stash... I need to go through mine and see what's in there as well.

Sorry to hear that your handspun yarn kept breaking. It sucks that you had to throw the yarn in the garbage.