Saturday, October 16, 2004

100 random things...

100 random things about me:

1-My name is Caroline
2-I live in Montreal (Canada)
3-I'm French-Canadian
4-I also speak English (duh!) pretty well and I know some German
5-I'm 26 years old (will be 27 on Dec. 3)
6-My parents are divorced
7-I have a little sister named Nancy. She's 24. She had a brain tumor when she was 15 and it left her very handicapped mentally. I love her so much.
8-My mother is my role model
9-I don't really speak with my father anymore
10-I'm single and I live by myself
11-I work as a journalist/Entertainment editor for a small daily newspaper
12-I collect postcards
13-My favourite thing in the world is travelling
14-I've visited the following countries (or parts of them anyways): Canada (of course), the US, Columbia, England, France, Cuba, Germany, Belgium
15-Last June I spent two weeks in Germany by myself (+ one week with my family)
16-My grandmother comes from Germany
17-I've been struggling with an eating disorder for quite some time now but I'm doing a bit better now
18-I taught myself how to knit during the holidays last year
19-I love yoga
20-I love exercise in general
21-My favourite musicians/bands are Tori Amos, Björk, Placebo, Ben Folds, Beck, Radiohead, Howie Day, Rasputina and many others
22-My favourite movie is Amelie
23-I also loved the Lord of the Rings movies
24-My favourite actresses are Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet and Christina Ricci
25-My favourite actors are Ewan McGregor and Johnny Depp
26-If I lived in the US, I would definitely vote for Kerry
27-I've been posting on for years now and have made great friends there
28-I have a livejournal at (you should check out my background there ;) ). It's friends-only but if you ask to be added, I most likely will
29-I suck at replying to emails
30-I have jellybeans issues. Seriously.
31-If I could knit anything right now, it would be the Rogue sweater
32-I'm a terrible housekeeper. I hate housework.
33-My favourite season is fall. My favourite time of the year is mid-September to the end of October as well as Christmas time.
34-I don't really follow any religion. I'm not sure what I believe in right now.
35-I really want to do a safari one day
36-I recycle as much as I can
37-I'm allergic to cats, dogs (more than cats), band-aids and the ocean. Seriously. Anytime I go in the ocean or any kind of salty water, I get a rash. I can, however, eat seaweed without a problem
38-I'm a vegetarian
39-I love Diet Vanilla Coke but I can't find it anywhere anymore
40-I was engaged once, but never married
41-I have a tattoo (a butterfly on my right shoulder blade)
42-I can spend an hour on a stairmaster
43-My favourite colour is blue
44- I love coffee
45-I would love to run a marathon someday
46-I participated in NaNoWriMo last year and succeeded. I plan on doing it again this year
47-I started reading Dragonlance books a few months ago and I'm hooked
48-I love Neil Gaiman
49-My favourite book is Mists of Avalon
50-I also love Harry Potter
51-I'm painfully shy
52-I spend way too much time online though I've been better about it for the past few weeks
53-If I could live anywhere in the world right now it would probably be London or Berlin
54-I love makeup but I suck at applying it.
55-I also love clothes but nothing ever fits me right (the joy of being 5'2 and chubby)
56-I love shoes. Then again, I am a girl
57-I also love underwear. Especially Victoria's secret underwear. We don't have VS here but I know someone who works at the VS headquarters. He's like my undie dealer.
58-I read Cosmo every month. It's my guilty pleasure.
59-I love most TLC shows. What not to wear, Trading Spaces and Clean Sweep are my favourites.
60-I took a few photography workshops and I really loved it. I want a good camera badly and I'm saving for it now (ok not really, but I want to start to save for it some I'm hoping writing it here will motivate me ;) )
61-I whine a lot
62-I want to learn how to sew
63-I love wine

Ok I really can't think of anything else right now (I'm actually impressed that I managed to write so many things). I'll try to complete it soon. <3


Mrs. R said...

Hello fellow Neil Gaiman fan, so nice to meet you! I hope you know about his blog? If not, go to and click on the journal tab.
Mrs. R.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm 5'2" and chubby too. Isn't shopping for jeans so much fun? (or something)

You're allergic to bandaids?


Danielle said...

Thanks for sharing we have a lot in common per your list.

Anonymous said...

montreal, eh? i lived there for a year and loved it. well, everything but the lack of central air in the summer though it isn't as bad there as it is here in louisiana (yes, wednesday it was 90F). and amelie is a very clever and original movie so i have to give you two thumbs up.