Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Home and safe

Well I'm not in Mexico as planned. I actually took a plane to NYC this morning, but then I got paged at the airport only a few minutes before I was going to board for Cancun. The weather is too bad, the award show is canceled and I was sent back home. So I took a plane back (and had to run quite a bit to make sure I wouldn't miss it). Oh well. I'm just happy I'm not in the middle of a hurricane right now.

So I did not go to Mexico BUT I got great news: one of my good friends is pregnant! I'm so happy for her. And of course I want to knit something for the baby so if you have any favourite baby pattern, please do share them. She's only seven weeks along so I have plenty of time.

She lives quite far away from me (she's in New-Brunswick, I'm in Montreal). She usually only comes here a couple of times a year, on business trips. She'll be here in November and then who knows when I'll see her. I unfortunately don't have much time off from work to go there and visit (not to mention NO MONEY!). And she won't be able to come here when she's farther along in her pregnancy. And then she'll be on maternity leave for a year.

I was hoping I could finish something for November, but with all the Christmas knitting I still have to do, I don't think it'll be possible. So I'll probably end up making whatever I will be making for the new baby. I'm so excited!!!


~Jo~ said...

Awe! I'm so sorry your trip got cut short but sure am happy you are safe!!! As for knitting for baby, I'd suggest a hat and booties set!? Quick to knit and always appreciated, they would mail quite easily too. ;)

LibbyLu said...

sorry, about your trip.
i have a bootie pattern with skulls and crossbones on them. i don't know if that's up your alley.