Thursday, October 06, 2005

Let's call it the knitting room!

I had to spend THREE HOURS in a waiting room this morning. But the good thing is that I managed to finish half of my sister's Christmas present:

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One lady there asked me what I was making and then she told me I must have a lot of patience, which was very funny considering she had been waiting as long as I had while doing nothing. I think she's the patient one ;)

I also made this scarf:

Image hosted by

I has everything you absolutely HATE about yarn: It's sparkly, fuzzy, not soft, very fushia... I love it anyways :p

I also crocheted a red skinny scarf just because I saw some in the stores and didn't want to pay for them. I suck at crochet dammit. I'll post pics later.

In other fun knitting news, I finally managed to go to a Wednesday night meetup! Yay! And I didn't have to leave before the end. Double yay! I met a few knitters that I had never met before, which was great, and saw some of the lovely regulars, which was also great.

Lastly, in blog-related news: why the f* do I keep on getting SPAM in comments and how do I prevent this? It's very annoying. As soon as I make a post, BAM, I get two or three anonymous comments that say "Hey, that's a lovely blog you have. Now please come visit mine *adds link to a hunting blog or some other non-knitting related site* Now if it had happened only once, I would have thought it's simply a visit who likes to hunt (and to blog about it) and who also appreciates reading about knitting. But it happens all the time, with different blogs, and always a few seconds after I post. SOMEONE MAKE IT STOP!!! :(


Den said...

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Mona strickt said...

Caroline, you have to turn on the verification for comments - look here:

It works like a charm...

Maryellen said...

Hi: I love the socks. also turn on the word verification and the spam will go away. I just recently had to do that as I was getting spamed too. Really long two page comment spam.