Monday, May 28, 2007

Summer goals

Skeins her way is having a great contest on her blog (thanks to Robyn for the heads up). We have to list our knitting goals for the summer. Here we go (summer=now until the end of August):

Main goals
-Knit three pairs of socks (or more)
-Finish Isabella
-Seam the damn blue cardigan!
-Pick the Kiri shawl (link to pdf) back up and hopefully finish it.

Ok so these were the goals I really really hope I can achieve. I also want to:

-Start another sweater (I have many projects in mind.)
-Make me a scarf (the woven scarf from a past issue of Vogue knitting would be nice) and a hat.

What are your summer goals? If you participate in the contest, make sure you mention you got the link from my blog. Thanks!

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Mona strickt said...

Hello Caroline,

the pattern for the socks is up on my blog - a pdf version to download.

I am glad you like them, thanks!