Saturday, May 05, 2007

Missing in Action

Just a little note to let you all know that I have not disappeared, but I have limited Internet access until I move on May 19 (actually, we'll have Internet on May 21).

But you should SEE the new appartment. It is so perfect I want to cry. We spent the whole day painting yesterday (yep, we spent that beautiful day inside). And today, I'll try to convince my body that it's not as sore as it feels so we can paint again.

I've been knitting a little less than usual. I finished knitting my April socks for the Sock-a-month knitalong at around 11pm on April 30, but I was at my boyfriend's and I didn't have a needle to graft the toe. So the socks aren't done yet (I keep forgetting to bring them back home). I guess my April sock will become my May sock. :) I'll post pics soon.


K. said...

Happy moving!! J'ai vraiment trippé sur le CD de Feist mais, maintenant qu'il est sur mon laptop...j'ai plus vraiment d''utilisation pour...

Knitting Mama said...

Miss you!

Happy moving too!

Kadi's french (in her comment!) sounds sooo beautiful! I'll spare you my attempt to type french. I speak better french than I write!