Sunday, March 09, 2008

A day in the North Pole

I don't have many news on the knitting front, so I figured I'd post a few pics from yesterday's snow storm (Tara, see what you're missing while you're having fun in Japan?)





And this is me, a few seconds before I lost my will to live:



Josiane said...

I'm just back in Montreal, and now I see what they all meant on the news! See, I have spent all day yesterday in Sherbrooke, where we got pretty much no snow, but lots and lots (and lots!) of rain... Honestly, at this time of the year, I'd take snow over rain any time!

LotusKnits said...

Wow. It's beautiful,

Knit & Purl Mama said...

I saw your pics on facebook. NUTSO outside!

I hope the snow removal starts soon, it's mad out there!!

See you Thursday!

Karine said...

J'étais supposée sortir chercher un film au club vidéo, j'ai préféré rester à la maison et voir ce qu'il y avait d'intéressant à la télé...

Tara said...

I know, it was absolutely craaaazy!!! I'm really sorry I missed it (trying to keep a straight face).