Friday, March 14, 2008

Is it spring yet?

Skeins her way is having a Spring knitting goals contest, and while I don't think any Montrealer can truly believe that spring will be back soon (or ever it seems), it's nice to think about the warmer days.

That and I like to make lists.

So here are my knitting goals.

1. Get back into knitting already! I don't know what's wrong with me, I haven't knit since LAST SUNDAY! Not a single stitch! Surely that's not normal. My guess is that the new job is taking all my energy. But I need to get my knitting mojo back.

Ok, now the real knitting goals, things I want to do before summer:

1. Finish the Bird in Hand mittens. Right now, I'm almost at the decreases on the top of the first mitten. I love the yarn and I love knitting it so it should go well. I probably won't get to wear it until next winter though, unless we get snow here until the end of April and we don't want that.

2. Make Cable Net sock #2. I haven't finished a new pair of socks for myself in a LONG time.

3. Finish the cardigan for Merry. I only have a few rows done on the back.

4. Make a pair of plain vanilla socks. Just because I haven't made one in forever.

5. Start the Gilmore vest

That's it! What are your knitting goals?


Do said...

I also haven't knitted anything in over a week, which has been unheard of coming from me in the past two years at least.

I have no project to start until I receive my lovely Liam to make some baby stuff.

Also, my knitting strikes seems to coincide with the fact that we recently FINALLY purchased a wii. My love of Super Mario Galaxy has overpowered my love of knitting, temporarly :-p

Once Liam gets here, I will be making a baby earflap hat, sheepy pants, a top down bonnet and some booties, all for Félix!

Tara said...

Nice projects you've got lined up! How was your first week on the job?