Friday, April 11, 2008

Long time no see!

I just realized how long it's been since my last post. March 30th! Eeek! Sorry about that.

The good news is that I found the will to knit again! Yay! The bad news is that I have a bad case of startitis and of S.O.S. (second object syndrome). I've been able to manage the startitis and I've only cast on for one new project: a pair of plain vanilla socks using this yarn. After the cables and the fair isle I've been doing, I guess I just wanted something plain and simple.

The S.O.S., however, affects two of my projects. The Cable Net sock still doesn't have a mate. I'm not too worried about it though, I know I'll get back to it soon enough, I just needed a break.

The Bird in Hand mitten also needs a mate. That's more problematic. Now that spring seems to be here *crosses fingers for no more snow*, I just don't feel like knitting mittens anymore. I know I'll get back to them and knit the second one, but it may have to wait until Fall. Or maybe I'll just try and convince the ladies at Ariadne to sell me their sample mitten (though I'm pretty sure they made the right one and I need a left).

Last week, I met Robyn and Angela for a little knitting afternoon. Robyn's grandma and her grandma's sister joined us later on. I got the March Sock Club package that I had bought from Robyn's nest.


It's the Lucky Clover colourway (exclusive to the club), from Shelby B's Designs. It's super soft and I LOVE the colour. It's similar to the yarn I got from Lotus Knits Melanie for Christmas, which I love so much I actually wake up at night to pet it once in a while (ok maybe not, but it's totally something I could do).

The yarn came with a super cute pattern made by Angela (the same one I was having coffee with!), cute stitch markers and a few goodies.

I love sock clubs! I just have to be careful and not get into too many because I have so much sock yarn already! And I'm in the Lotus Yarn sock club that starts in May. Eeep! I need to be careful, I have so much sock yarn already! I'm proud to say that I resisted the sock yarn sale when I went to Ariadne yesterday (Jo, K. and Jennie were there and fun times were had by all!).

I remember last year a bunch of knitters did the Summer of socks. I don't know if people are still doing it this year, but I think I might do it. I need to actually *use* some of the sock yarn I have! Especially since I have some Effiloché gift certificates that expire in June and I may very well use them for sock yarn! ;)

But before I dive into sock knitting, I want to finish the Cardigan for Merry. It's coming along well:


Ok that was a long post. Next time I just need to update more often instead of saving everything for one long post! And next time will probably be soon since I'll be taking my spinning class tomorrow! I can't wait!!!



~Jo~ said...

I'm happy that *I* resisted at the yarn sale too. ;) I will be knitting socks this summer but that's just 'cause I mostly just knit socks all the time.

Can't wait to see your spinning too!!! :)

Josiane said...

Enjoy your spinning class! It will mark the beginning of a new addiction...

Maaike said...

Are you taking the spinning class at Ariadne? I'll be there too!!! Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Your Merry looks awesome. I'm sorry our KAL fizzled somewhat...although I am still actually knitting along with you...Will send progress report soon. Love the colour you've selected :)
Blogless Kate the Enabler - at your service.

Knit & Purl Mama said...

Your Cardigan for Merry is gorgeous, who are you knitting it for?

Glad you loved the sock club kit for March - can't wait to see the socks you knit up with it!

I can't wait to hear about your spinning class!

I hope you didn't mind my grandmother & her sister stopping by the coffee shop - my grandmother wanted to pick up some DPNs from me. I think it's cute that she took out her knitting as well!

Tara said...

Love the cardigan, and the opal yarn! I may have to pick some up during MY spinning class on May 4th! :)