Sunday, September 28, 2008

I found my knitting mojo

So it looks like the key to getting back my knitting mojo was simply to not have access to any knitting for a few weeks. Since I got back from my trip, I've been knitting and knitting and knitting.

Or maybe it's simply the fall weather that is inspiring me? I don't know. But I know the thought of a warm scarf makes me very happy. This past week, I've been working exclusively on my Woven Cables scarf.


It's going to be a great scarf. In a neutral colour, so I'll be able to wear it with any hat and mittens. And soft. And warm. Yummy.

And just because I had not posted a pic of it yet, here's one of the Montego Bay scarf that I was supposed to bring with me during my trip but that I stupidly forgot.


I didn't swatch and I should have, cause I think it's way too wide. I'll frog it and start again.

I'm itching to start a new pair of socks and I think I know exactly what I want to make. Stay tuned!


Angela said...

love the colors int he montego bay scarf!

Tara said...

The woven cables scarf looks like it's going to be great!

By the way, I ordered the Kiss the Frog mittens pattern after you queued it on Ravelry! My daughter has a thing for frogs, so this is going to be right up her alley!

Jennifer Lori said...

The colors of MB are so cool...I've never seen a yarn with those blues and browns together. And I LOVE the woven cables scarf. It looks soft and squooshy and the perfect thing for a chilly winter day. It looks great! Welcome back to the knitting! :)