Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Life and Ravelympics

Ok, I need to write this Ravelympics post. I've been wanting to write it for a while but just never got around to it.

As is often the case this time of year, I'm feeling myself becoming more and more depressed with every new day I have to wake up. Bleh. I cannot wait for Spring to be here.

It doesn't help that I keep getting bad news on top of more bad news. I'm seeing a doctor tomorrow to see what kind of tests I need to do to figure out while I am still unpregnant and while I should be happy that I may finally get some answers, I'm not. I'm angry at the world for being broken and I get so freaking jealous of all the women around me who can get pregnant just by looking at their partner, I feel like I should spend the rest of my life home so I don't have to hear about it and face the fact that it may never happen for me.

We also finally figured out the source of my boyfriend's back problem: a big ass hernia. Seriously, the doctor even wrote "très grosse hernie" (very big hernia) on his test results. He'll be seeing a neurosurgeon at the beginning of March to figure out what to do next.

The one little light in that tunnel: our upcoming trip to Berlin (and possibly Coppenhaguen). Because there HAS to be some good things in my life, right?

Another good thing: The Ravelympics. I do want to write about it. Sorry about the whiny ramblings above, but sometimes you need to get things out and I really don't have anyone to talk about these things.

Ok. Ravelympics. Who's in?

I did the crazy thing of signing up for two teams and two projects. Problem is: I'm still undecided on one of them.

One thing is for sure: I'll be knitting the Potpourri mittens for Team Canada (Events: Mittens Moguls and Nordic Colorwork Combined).

I will be using this:


I had already started these mittens a while ago, but quickly realized they would be too small. I'll make them again with 2.75 mm needles and it should do the trick.

My second project will be for Team Tufty (Sock Knitters Anonymous' team) and it will be a Sock hockey project of course. I'm just not sure which pattern I want to knit. Here are my choices so far:

1. Firestarter, by Yarnissima.

I would be using this:


I've been wanting to knit with it since I got it. But I've never tried a toe-up sock before and I'm already not sure I'll have time to do both mittens and socks. Maybe I should go with a good old cuff-down sock?

2. Fall Fire socks by Lucia Tedesco.

I don't have a pic of the yarn, but you can see pictures here. I've had this yarn and pattern for a while so I think it's about time I make the socks. But again, this is a toe-up pattern...

3. Barber Pole socks, by Veronik Avery

I'd be using this:


That one is cuff-down and I'd be using yarn I've had in my stash for a long long time! Plus, I'd be knitting from one of my pattern book, which is something I really need to do. I mentionned a while ago that I didn't want to buy a new sock book until I've knit at least one pattern from each of my sock books. Well it turns out Cookie A is coming up with a new book, so I need to get going!

Though now that I think about it, I've already knit two patterns from Steppin Out (the booklet that has the Barber Pole pattern). So it's a moot point.

What are YOU planning to knit for the Ravelympics?


kate-the-enabler said...

Hey Caroline - That's some tough medical stuff to be dealing with on TOP of the standard February blahs. I'm definitely feeling blah along with you, and will be sending you my best wishes for your appointment that the answer is somthing simple and easily resolvable.....
Don't let toe up socks scare you. They're a-ok. Plus, maybe they're good for a ravelympics project because you can just end them whenever you want to as long as you're past the heel.... ;)

Anonymous said...

Caroline - Sorry to hear you have the winter blues. I got one of those SAD lights and it has helped tremendously with the winter depression that I experience. Maybe you could get a little light for the dark/cold months to help you thru it.
I hope that your Dr appointment goes well tomorrow and gives you the answers you need. (hugs)
I agree with Kate - don't let toe up scare you. It really isn't a big deal at all. If you can knit all the cool stuff you've knit already, surely you can handle the magic 8 cast on (or whatever it is called). Even I've done it and I'm not that great a knitter. Challenge yourself, girlie! It is the Ravelympics, afterall.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Winter blah's suck, I agree!! Spring is just around the corner!

I hope that your doc apt went well, do let us know And hope that your boyfriend's hernia goes away soon.

I took a toe up class and while it's not my preferred style sock, they're not bad!

Tara said...

Totally psyched (and a wee bit jealous) for your trip to Berlin. As to the Ravelympics sock project, I highly recommend Yarnissima's design. I knit that pattern a while back, and it was all kinds of awesome. As for the rest, I'm sending you hugs and oodles and oodles of love, sweetie.

Anonymous said...

I'm late to read this post. I really wish you all the best luck for your dr's apt, I remember feeling the same way when all my friends were engaged and Yannick made me wait 8(!) years to propose. Not a medical thing, but I hear you. It really sucks to want something so bad and see other people get it with almost no effort when you're trying everything you can think of.
And I totally hear you on the hernia- I have a small one and will be having surgery later this year, so I can only imagine the pain your bf is in having a "big" one! Good luck to you both!