Monday, January 09, 2012

Photo of the week

Lens: 50 mm 1.8 Info: 1.8, 1/125 ISO 200

Ok so I'm very interested in learning about photography. I read about it. I took an intro class. I got a new lens for Christmas that I love (the 50 mm f/1.8 used above) and a cute little subject I can take tons of pictures of.

But the truth is: I suck. Haha. I can take a good snapshot here and there but I feel I don't have "the eye", when it comes to photography. I'm not an artist and you know what? That's ok. And that doesn't mean I can't get better. But to get better, I need to practice.

I've been toying with the idea of trying Project 366 this year, but to be honest, I can't see myself keeping up with it the whole year. But then I heard of Project 52. One picture a week for 52 weeks. Or 51 in my case since I'm one week late to the party. THAT I think I can do.

So there you go, my only goal for this project is to post one picture a week. I can't promise you'll see good ones, but I'm hoping I can see at least a little bit of progress between now and December. I can, however, promise that 90% of my pics are going to be of my son. But he's cute so that's ok :)


Maryse said...

Photography classes must be super interesting. It isn't easy to take pictures. Sometimes I would like to understand better how it all works! Have fun!

Sandra said...

Caroline... Took lots of classes myself in both photography and fashion design (my dec before going to university). Have they shown la règle des tiers... Je ne connais pas le nom en anglais. Tu prends ton écran et tu le divises en tiers - vertical et horizontal.. Tu places ton sujet sur les lignes qui se croisent.. Règle générale tu verras une amélioration.. Dans le cas de la photo de ton fils, tu aurais pu le placer un peu à gauche et vers le bas pr que ce son visage soit dans le tiers du haut , ou du bas... Dépendant de l'effet que tu veux donner. Sur mon Nikon, j'ai même un quadrillage possible en viseur qui est divisé de cette façon...

Knit and Purl Mama said...

In English it's called Rule of Thirds, what Sandra is talking about.

I can't wait to see your weekly photo! What a great idea!

Lucky you getting a 50mm lens for Xmas! What a great gift! Use it well!