Monday, August 30, 2004

Poncho lust

I am totally going crazy with everything I want to knit, objects I want to finish, stuff I want to make as gifts. *sigh*

I want a poncho now. I really do. But I'm scared that I'm gonna knit one and end up not liking it. So I figure that maybe I should not bother and just buy one? But knitting one would be much more fun! :p I think I will. The Poncho-along starts on September first, which is... Wednesday! And I have 2-3 patterns in mind and no yarn. Fun.

Ok I need to prioritize. To-do list:

-Finish sister's slippers by tomorrow
-Finish funky purple racoon scarf by the end of the week
-Finish baby blanket ASAP
-Swatch for DNA scarf by the end of the week
-Start poncho :p

I predict a knitting binge all week long. The only sad thing is that this week is gonna be a crazy one at work and I won't have much free time. Oh well. I'll update with my progress or lack thereof.

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