Saturday, August 21, 2004


I'm having fun deciding what projects to start next.

My ugly-full-of-mistakes-but-I-want-to-finish-it-anyways baby blanket is almost done. BUT I won't have enough yarn for the moss stitch border. Poo. I'll probably buy another skein and use the leftover to knit a kitty hat for my boss' daughter or something like that. Or maybe I'll start that goddamn throw for my couch. My couch is ugly. It needs a throw. And a blue one would be perfect.

I started the fuzzy feet from Knitty for my sister. They're gonna be pink and, hopefully, pretty. I've never knitted socks and I've never felted anything before. Wooo new experience.

I've swatched for a pair of mittens I want to make with the leftover from my HP scarf. I want to use the mittens pattern from Stitch N' Bitch. But I only have sets of 4 dpns and it calls for 5. So I'll have to buy an extra set.

Also, I'm not gonna participate in the poncho knitalong after all. I found two nice patterns. But I know I won't have time because of my other projects. The patterns I'm considering making in the future:'d make it a dark gray as MC and red as CC I think)

Blue Moon Poncho

I will, however, participate in the DNA-along. Woo!

It starts in September but I want to start swatching for it. It may become my mom's Christmas gift. If I can knit it quickly, I may make two and have them sent to Germany to my grandmother's sister and her husband. We'll see.

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