Saturday, August 07, 2004


I went to my LYS today. Now the place is small. Tiny. But so filled with yarn. I love it. And the place was crowded today (mostly older ladies). I spent so much time there, just looking at all the yarn, touching, trying to decide what to buy. I really just wanted to see if they had more of the yarn I'm using for my HP scarf (they did!).

It was so funny too, there was this lady there who had the most charming accent (she said she's originaly from Egypt but she's been living here for 20+ years). She was talking to this other lady, telling her that she would once again get out of the store with too much yarn and a big dent in her bank account. "There's just so many nice things in here!", she said and then she looked at me and smiled and said "don't you think?". I just smiled and nodded. I looked at her shopping basket: it was FULL! I swear she must have had over 200$ worth of yarn in there (and the yarn is quite cheap there so that's a lot of yarn).

I wish I could have bought as much but my wallet said no. I bought one ball of yellow merino wool and two of the red one (I'm hoping I'll have leftovers to make mittens or something). I also bought some type of novelty yarn (similar to the fun fur thing) in two different shades of purple. There was a scarf made with that yarn in the store that was just too cute.

And now is the time for a little confession. My name is Caroline and I'm a scarf addict. I know I should knit other things (and I will, my next project will be a sweater, I'm pretty sure) but I think I will ALWAYS have a scarf on the needles, whether it's for me or a gift. The thing is, I've loved scarves even before I started knitting. I always buy too many of them in winter. I have three black coats (different styles, same colour) and I like to change the look with a different scarf. What can I say.
So yeah. Scarves. My HP one is looking good even though I still have eight (?? I think) stripes to knit. Wanna see? I know you do!

It's all soft and warm too! Woo!

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caramelknits said...

Hi Caroline! I just wanted to jump over from KR and loved your blog!

It seems we have a lot in common. I too love scarves and knit way too many of them (especially since I live in California). They're so cozy, though.

I used to live in Montreal as a teenager and attended Westmount High School. Do you know of it? Maybe that's where I learned to love scarves. :)