Friday, May 27, 2005

I finished the RibbonXback top from Knitty!

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1. It is not flattering. I should have made the XS.
2. You can't see it but it's sort of see-through. Ooops.
3. It should have been longer.
4. I should do more crunches.

Here's the back:

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I still haven't decided if I'm going to join the Secret Pal 5 thing. I had so much fun in the past two SPs that I really want to do it again, but money is a bit tight... hmmmm. *ponders*

Ah well. Probably not.


Meeting the Montreal knitters on Sunday, weee!


Julie said...

I think you look adorable. It's a great color, too!

caitlyn said...

I think it's really cute on you as well!

Andrea said...

That looks great! Forget the crunches - you don't need them.