Sunday, May 08, 2005

Markers and ribbons

I finally got around to taking pics of my last Secret Pal gift:

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Some yummy Lamb's pride, bamboo circular needles, beautiful stitch markers and equally beautiful earrings. There was also a notebook with cute cats on it but I forgot to add it to the picture :(

A close-up of the stitch markers:

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Yesterday, I went to my second knitting meetup. And once again, I had lots of fun (I think I talked a little bit more this time). There were six of us, all happily knitting, talking about tattoos, piercings and the habit that old people have of talking about constipation all the time.

I had made a mistake in the fleece artist socks and frogged them. Instead of starting over, I decided to cast-on for the ribbon top from the current issue of Knitty. I am loving this project. It's going on quite fast. I think it'll come with me to Paris.


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I'm already looking forward to the next meeting!


So this blog is taking a two-weeks break! See ya around the 23rd!


~Jo~ said...

Have a very safe and fun trip, wished I could have come to the meeting. You sure had a great secret pal!!! :)

Anny said...

Was great seeing you again :) There sure was some interesting conversation, lol!

Looking forward to seeing your ribbon top finished. Have a good trip and take lots of pics.


mary j said...

you have made great progress from saturday! have a great time! see you next meeting :)

Sophie said...

Have a great trip, cant wait to see the top and see you again at the next meeting :)

amanda said...

Have fun in Paris, Caroline! Glad you liked everything I sent :) Thanks for the super-generous words, it was a pleasure being your secret pal :)

deawn said...

Hope you're having big fun...and remember to smuggle back lots and lots of contraband yarn!

~Jo~ said...

It's the 23rd, are you back yet? How was France? Do you speak with an accent now? lol! ;)