Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Projects update

Since the last time we spoke (or whatever) I worked a little on the blue socks, a little on the neverending baby blanket (I'm now past the halfway mark) and quite a bit on Mariah.

I've now finished knitting all the different parts (except from the hood) and I've joined them all and started the yoke. I can already tell that this will be my least favourite part of the project. That and the seaming. And the sewing of the zipper...

So this post is picture-less, sorry, but hopefully I'll have a finished Mariah soon enough.

I'll end by saying that I want this. And a ball winder.


Jennifer said...

I can't help with the sock yarn. I do, however, have a ball winder and will bring it to meetings upon demand.

Carrie K said...

Buy it quick before it's gone....pretty!