Saturday, March 04, 2006


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A few people on the socknitters list mentionned this seller on Ebay who sells cones of cashmere yarn. Of course I couldn't resist. So I got this cone up there. 1300 yards (4-ply), 100% cashmere for 38$CDN and that includes shipping from the UK. I'll be sure to let you all know if I like it when I get it. I've never knitted with cashmere before so I'm quite excited.

I don't think I've mentionned that I ended up not finishing the socks for my Olympic knitting challenge. I had just turned the heel by the time the closing ceremony started. I'm a little disappointed but I'm still glad I tried. The socks aren't even finished yet, I haven't touched them since the Olympics ended. I just couldn't wait to get back to Mariah.

I love that pattern. LOVE IT. I've been looking at finished Mariah online and I just can't wait till mine is also done and I can wear it. Hoping it'll look good enough. I'm more than halfway done with the sleeves. They're going so slowly, but I'm glad I started with them and not the body. I also find that I'm loving the Wool of the Andes more and more.

Once in a while, I become obsessed with a pattern and that's happened lately. I really want to make Tubey from Knitty. Maybe it'll be the next sweater, after Mariah (which means it won't happen until next year or so and i'll probably have become obsessed with a million other patterns by then).

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Jennifer said...

I know exactly what you mean...I sometimes feel like I have a "crush" on a pattern. Right now it's Klaralund in Noro Silk Garden that I'm craving...but there's also a free pattern from Elann that's just gorgeous...and then there's... :)
I love the cashmere color! Who's the ebay seller? Is there any more?
p.s. we met at one of the Sunday Montreal Knits things.