Sunday, July 02, 2006

Completion and destruction

I didn't feel too good and the end of last week so I ordered two books : Barbara Walker's Learn to Knit Afghan and Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmerman. I should receive them sometime next week or the one after.

Ongoing projects update:

Mariah: Still haven't touched it. That should change too cause I have a feeling I'll put the shawl aside for a while (see below).

Kiri shawl: See that pic:

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That was the shawl after, I don't know, six repeats or soo. Notice the little pale blue thread close to the needle? That's a lifeline. I religiously used lifelines for these six repeats and then I got cocky. I hadn't really made a big mistake so far, so why use lifelines? I'm now on the 9th repeat and I've done something wrong that I can't identify. As much as I don't want to rip it all back to that six-repeat lifeline, I think it'll be easier to do so than to try to find the mistake and fix it. :(

Red socks: Of course, with the shawl catastrophe, I needed an easy knit so I worked on the sock.

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And the rib is almost done on sock #2.

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K. said...

But the's so pretty! But i understand that Kiri is a frustrating pattern, I'm on repeat 7 and it barely looks like a hankie...Mais en tout cas une chance que tu as un lifeline sinon c'en aurait été fvrustrant! Décourage pas! Il va être beau en mausus ton châle! (et tes bas sont pas mal non plus!)