Saturday, July 08, 2006

To blog or not to blog

There's currently a thread in the Knitters' review forums on knitting blogs and the fact that there are a lot of them. The original poster thinks there are too many uninteresting ones. I guess it depends on what you think is interesting. I know some people love blogs with techniques and tutorials. I like them too, though they aren't the ones I read regularly (I usually find them when I'm googling a particular technique, and boy am I glad they exist).

I like to read about other people's projects. Mostly because it gives me inspiration (not that I need any new projects ideas right now ;) ). For instance, I have now added this cardigan to my list of future projects. Not because I like it so much on the pattern picture, but because I've seen it finished on this blog (see her 4th of July post). Gorgeous!

I also like to read blog posts on project I'm currently making. If you've made Mariah, I've probably read your blog. Seeing pictures of it finished motivates me to work on mine.

I also like to read knitting blogs simply because knitters are so damn cool and nice. Saying there are too many knitting blogs is like saying there are too many flavours of ice cream. You can choose to eat only vanilla if you want, but I like variety (and now I'm craving a mint & chocolate chips ice cream cone).

Projects update:

Mariah: I've picked it up again! I know that some people don't like KnitPicks's Wool of the Andes, but I personally adore it. I've done quite a bit of progress on the sleeves in the past week. My goal is to finish them in the next two weeks and to finish the sweater by the time my holidays are over (I'll be off from work from July 28 to August 5). I think it's a pretty reasonnable goal.

Kiri: I frogged half of it and I don't think I'll touch it much until I'm done with Mariah. But I will finish it, I promise.

Red socks: I'm almost up to the heel flap on the second sock. I love them!


Dani said...

Thanks for the link to that thread - wow that got my blood boiling! I mean really!!

Cant wait to see the socks all finished, and of course Mariah and Kiri too!

Lisa said...

Hmrf. Thanks for that link!

alliesw said...

Wow, thanks for all the links--I love your blog--and good for you on tackling that shawl (I haven't enough courage). And maybe we should all get our blogless knitting buddies to start blogs!)

Jennifer said...

Wow, I love the sweater you linked to. Too bad it only comes in size S!
I like the blog name change too!

Larjmarj said...

I agree with you, I like reading blogs for the info on patterns, yarns and just the community of knitters.

I think the original poster on KR needs an estrogen patch slapped on her forehead!

craftybernie said...

Gosh - wish I found this post last week. I've posted something on my blog today along the same lines.

craftybernie said...

PS = I hope you don't mind, but I've linked this article on my blog. If it's a problem, let me know and I'll take it down.

Best wishes...Bernie