Sunday, July 30, 2006

So close!

This is where I am with Mariah. It actually looks like a sweater now!

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Only 12 more rows and then I'll get to start the hood. And then all the knitting will be finished. Yippee!

I went window shopping on Knitpicks today. I don't want to order anything right now (or else I'll be too tempted to cast on for a new project) but if I did, I would order:

10 ball of Wool of the Andes in Sapphire Heather. That would be for what's probably going to be my next sweater (a very simple cardigan from a past issue of FCEK)

2 balls of Knitpicks Simple Stripe in Autumn.

Knitpicks classic circular needles in size 1 (one 24" and one 32/).

I would also order colour cards for Andean Silk, Palette, Merino Style and Shadow & Gossamer. I badly want a Wool of the Andes colour card but they don't seem to sell them anymore. Bummer.

Anyways, all of this would bring me to a grand total of 41.86$ + shipping (I'm in Canada so no free shipping for me, sadly). It's still pretty cheap.

*sigh* A girl can dream.

If everything goes according to my plan, I'll make an order in mid-August so I'll be sure to have to yarn on hand when I'm allowed ready to start a new project. Of course, by then I'll probably have changed my mind about what the next project will be so I may decide to order something else entirely. In the meantime, the virtual order will remain in my Knitpicks cart.


LesleyKnits said...


Mariah is looking great! That is a great pattern and I love the yarn you're using!

LesleyKnits from KR

Karine said...

That sweater is looking great. And I'm looking forward to the next IK, all those cables...

K. said...

Mariah looks lovely! I can't to see you wearing it!

Michelle said...

It looks fantastic! You're almost there!!! :)