Monday, November 20, 2006

Small FO

I finished my first stash-busting small object:

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Knitty's Fetching. Made with Zara. They are cute and took very little yarn (ha, here goes the stash busting). I'll probably make another pair for my sister.

I decided to make more short row hats, for myself and for loved ones. So I ordered some yarn from Ami-Ami. I hope it gets here soon, I love that yarn!


Anonymous said...

Love your fetching. I just did my own interpretation of them! :) Come by and see!

K. said...

Love the fetching, I really like the tone of blue!

Karine said...

I second K!

~Jo~ said...

I have a ball of Zara waiting... did you only use one? ;-) Did you match the pattern's gauge?